At what age vartika Jha started dancing?

At the age of 12, Vartika started her professional career in dance, and her father, Arvind Kumar Jha aka Babloo, started taking Vartika to various dance competitions in their locality.

When did vartika Jha start dancing?

Her parents acknowledged her talent and encouraged her to pursue it further. Vartika started her dance training at an early age in her hometown. The age of 12 she had started to participate in the local dance competitions.

What is the real age of vartika Jha?

Date of BirthYear 2000
Age (as in 2018)18 Years
BirthplaceRenusagar, Sonbhadra, Uttar Pradesh

How did vartika learn dance?

Vartika received her early education from Aditya Birla Public School, Renusagar, and during her studies, she also took dance training from a dance trainer hired by her father. She learned the initial lessons of dance very well from his dance trainer.

How old is vartika from super dancer?

Vartika Jha, age and birthdate: – The famous dancer is currently 21 years old and celebrates her birthday on 8th April. She is the dearest one to her father in the family.

Is vartika Jha in India’s best dancer?

Saumya Kamble with choreographer Vartika Jha won the second season of India’s Best Dancer 2. India’s Best Dancer 2 Grand Finale: Saumya Kamble


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