Can you dance in slides?

How to Do the Electric Slide | Sexy Dance Moves – YouTube

How do you dance to the Electric Slide?

The Electric Slide Dance Steps (3 Variations) – Line Dance

How do you shuffle?

How to do 3 Basic Shuffle Steps (Shuffle Dance Moves Tutorial)

How do you do the TikTok slide dance?

Ay Bay Bay TIKTOK Dance Tutorial – YouTube

Who started the aye Bae Bae dance?

The dance was shared by everyone from Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown to former FLOTUS Michelle Obama, and was covered everywhere from the New York Times to The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “I love seeing people come together and have fun,” says the routine’s original choreographer, 14-year-old Jalaiah Harmon.

How do you do a foot dance?

How To Do The Feet Thing (Heel Toe Move) | Popular Tik Tok Dance Move

How do you do a slide walk?

How to do the Side Glide (Dance Moves Tutorials) Poppin John

How do you side the moonwalk?

How to do the Moonwalk Side Glide Combo(Dance Moves Tutorial)

How do you do the love slide?

The Love Slide | Cupid | Line Dance Tutorial – YouTube

How do you dance slide shuffle?

Shuffle Tutorial | Slide/Sweep Transition – YouTube


Electric Slide Line Dance – YouTube

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