Does John Travolta dance in every one of his movies?

Name your favourite dance scene or scenes( it is hard to choose just 1!) and explain why. My friend and I spent hours discussing the dance scenes from John’s films. It took forever to choose a favourite.

What films did John Travolta dance?

  • Pulp Fiction (1994)
  • Saturday Night Fever (1977)
  • Perfect (1985)
  • Urban Cowboy (1980)
  • Grease (1978)
  • Hairspray (2007)
  • Michael (1996)
  • A ‘Tokyo Drink’ advert from the 80s.

Who taught John Travolta dancing?

Deney Terrio is one of the original pioneers of the Disco Dance era and the coach and choreographer who taught John Travolta how to dance for the motion picture Saturday Night Fever. Of course Deney would have never been given the opportunity had he not been an incredible dancer and showman himself.

Did John Travolta do the singing in Grease?

Yes! John, now 64, sang alongside Olivia Newton-John and the rest of the cast in the iconic blockbuster. However, he wasn’t always supposed to sing “Greased Lightnin’.” According to a recent article written by Variety, John stole the part from one of his co-stars.

Who was supposed to sing Greased Lightning?

“Otherwise she’s just all that surface stuff.” One star who didn’t get to keep his big solo? Jeff Conaway, who played Kenickie. Originally, he was meant to sing “Greased Lightning,” which later went to Travolta.

What did John Travolta dance to in Pulp Fiction?

In “Pulp Fiction,” Quentin Tarantino’s 1994 classic, Mia volunteers them both for a dance contest. Vincent reluctantly agrees to bust some moves to Chuck Berry’s 1964 song “You Never Can Tell” so Mia can have the trophy she covets.

Who was the girl that danced with John Travolta in Grease?

Actress Annette Charles, who played Cha Cha DiGregorio in the hit film Grease, has died at the age of 63, after suffering from cancer. As raunchy Cha Cha, she stole the limelight from Sandy (Olivia Newton-John) by dancing the hand jive with Danny (John Travolta) to win the televised school dance competition.

Did John Travolta dance in face off?

The Saturday Night Fever actor, who also starred in John Woo’s action-packed films Face/Off and Broken Arrow, stars in fast-paced spy movie From Paris With Love. Asked if his dancing background helped with doing his own stunts, Travolta said: “Yes.

Does John Travolta do his own dancing alive?

Under Stallone’s supervision, Travolta spent five months doing rigorous training to develop a dancer’s physique for the film, losing 20 pounds in the process.

How much weight did John Travolta lose for Staying Alive?

Under Sylvester Stallone’s supervision, John Travolta spent five months doing rigorous training to develop a dancer’s physique for this film, losing 20 pounds in the process.

Did Sylvester Stallone directed Staying Alive?

Stallone also wrote and directed Staying Alive (1983), a poorly received sequel to Saturday Night Fever (1977); both films starred John Travolta.

Who danced in Staying Alive?

While watching a show in which Jackie is a dancer in the chorus, Tony focuses instead on the lead, a wealthy English dancer, Laura (Finola Hughes), whom he seduces and spends the night with; however, it becomes clear that she only intended to be involved with him for one night.

How old was Travolta in Saturday Night Fever?

Millions of Americans did, however, make it through the film that made a movie star out of 23-year-old John Travolta and propelled the already famous Mr. Gibb, along with his brothers Maurice and Barry, to a level of superstardom rarely achieved before or since.

Did Finola Hughes do the dancing in Staying Alive?

You may also know her from the Style Network’s, How Do I Look? or from the West End of London where she starred in the original production of Cats. Hughes was a professional ballet dancer and starred with John Travolta in the sequel to Saturday Night Fever, called Staying Alive.

Who played John Travolta’s mother in Staying Alive?

Bovasso appeared in numerous films, including Saturday Night Fever (1977) as Florence Manero, the mother of John Travolta’s character, Tony Manero. She reprised the role in the film’s 1983 sequel, Staying Alive.

Who played the choreographer in Staying Alive?

Staying Alive (1983) – Kurtwood Smith as Choreographer – IMDb.

Who wrote Saturday Night Fever 2?

Norman Wexler, a playwright and screenwriter whose credits included the scripts for ”Saturday Night Fever” and ”Serpico,” died on Monday at his home in Washington. He was 73.

How many Saturday Night Fever movies are there?

Two theatrical versions of the film were released: the original R-rated version and an edited PG-rated version in 1979. The R-rated version released in 1977 represented the movie’s first run, and totaled 119 minutes.

Did Travolta take dance lessons?

Travolta started acting appearing in a local production of “Who’ll Save the Plowboy?”. His mother, herself an actress and dancer, enrolled him in a drama school in New York, where he studied voice, dancing and acting. He decided to combine all three of these skills and become a musical comedy performer.

Who taught Patrick Swayze to dance?

Patsy Swayze, who taught her late son Patrick to dance and had a lengthy dance resume all her own, died Monday at age 86, the Los Angeles Times reports. Patsy Swayze first worked in dance in Houston, where Patrick and her other four children were born and raised.

What is the Travolta dance move?

The singer and actor recently participated in a Super Bowl ad for a company called Scotts Miracle-Gro with his daughter Ella Travolta. They recreated the same ‘Grease’ dance that John performed with Olivia Newton-John during the movie’s school dance scene.

Who almost played Sandy in Grease?

‘Grease’: The Real Reason Olivia Newton John Nearly Turned Down the Role of Sandy: ‘I Was Very Anxious’ When “Grease” was filming back in the 1970s, nobody on set could have guessed the movie would become as iconic as it is today.

Who does the singing in Grease 2?

1.“Back to School Again”The Four Tops
2.“Cool Rider”Michelle Pfeiffer
3.“Score Tonight”The T-Birds, The Pink Ladies
4.“Girl for All Seasons”Maureen Teefy, Lorna Luft, Alison Price, Michelle Pfeiffer

How can I meet John Travolta?

How To Meet John Travolta. The best way to meet John Travolta personally is at one of his movie premieres, meet-and-greets, or bidding on a charity auction. Contact John Travolta’s agent, manager, & publicist using our Private Online Database.

Did Kelly Preston pass away?

July 12, 2020

What does the end of the movie Grease mean?

Ultimately it’s Sandy’s decision in “You’re The One That I Want” to break from her reputation and take what she wants. Completing Sandy’s arc towards self-discovery by transforming her into a greaser girl represents her rebirth and her newfound confidence in her identity.

Is Travolta Italian?

Travolta’s father was a second-generation Italian American and his mother was Irish American; he grew up in an Irish-American neighborhood and has said that his household was predominantly Irish in culture. His family was Roman Catholic.


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