How did Cunningham use the element of chance in his choreography?

Cunningham was always looking for new ways to move — that’s why he used what he called “chance operations” in his choreography. He rolled dice or tossed coins to decide how to combine different movements and phrases, then practiced the combination over and over.

Who Used chance scores for choreography?

Merce Cunningham – Chance Score Dance. Merce Cunningham is considered to be one of the best choreographers of all time. Throughout his 70 year career he partnered with John Cage (a renowned composer) to create masterpieces of both choreography and dance.

Is a form of dance that combines both African and European dance styles?

Jazz dance is a form of dance that combines both African and European dance styles. This high-energy dance has a liveliness that sets it apart from traditional dance forms, such as classical ballet. Like jazz music, jazz dance features improvisation.

How was the chance method developed?

Chance is a technique Cunningham used as a choreographic device. Cunningham choreographed dances using a chance technique in order to provide an element of surprise in his pieces. The dancers involved would develop sequences based on chance using Cunninghams set boundaries.

What are the three benefits of contemporary dance?

  • improved condition of your heart and lungs.
  • increased muscular strength, endurance and motor fitness.
  • increased aerobic fitness.
  • improved muscle tone and strength.
  • weight management.
  • stronger bones and reduced risk of osteoporosis.

What are the choreographic devices?

  • travel.
  • turn.
  • elevation.
  • gesture.
  • stillness.
  • use of different body parts.
  • floor work.
  • transfer of weight.

How do you do a Chance dance?

SPAC Breaks for the Creative Mind: Let’s Make a Chance Dance!

What style of dance did Merce Cunningham do?

Cunningham technique looks a bit like ballet—with the same turned out position of the legs, quick footwork, and strong spine—but also differs in many ways. Cunningham dancers utilize their torsos, bending sideways, forward and backward, and hold balances for long periods.

How did Merce Cunningham influence dance?

In the 1990s, Cunningham pioneered the use of the computer as a choreographic tool. The software DanceForms could model and animate the human form, allowing Cunningham to visualize sequences and phrases of dance on screen, which he would then translate to a dancer’s body.

What is continuity and development in dance?

characteristics of a good dance: CONTINUITY AND DEVELOPMENT The structure of the dance are organized progressively, making each movement phrase move naturally into the next. There is a continuous development of the movement phrase and the audience is swept along to the end.

What inspired Cunningham?

Cunningham’s first encounter with dance came via an early teacher, Mrs Maude Barrett, a circus performer and vaudevillian whose infectious energy motivated the young visionary from an early age. “I started as a tap dancer,” he told the Los Angeles Times of his origins.

What is Merce Cunningham most known for?

Merce Cunningham
Merce Cunningham in 1961
BornMercier Philip CunninghamApril 16, 1919 Centralia, Washington, U.S.
DiedJuly 26, 2009 (aged 90) New York City, New York, U.S.
OccupationDancer choreographer

Who are the founding members of the Judson Dance Theater?

Called ”Judson Dance Theater: 1962-1966,” it was organized by Wendy Perron, Tony Carruthers and Daniel J. Cameron, three faculty members of Bennington College, who have organized the Judson Dance Project, which is concerned with serious research into the history of the Judson Dance Theater.


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