How Did the Dancing Girl Save Herself?

Answer. The dancing girl defended herself by holding the goldsmith responsible for the death. She argued that the goldsmith made her walk up and down to his house a dozen times.

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What does the swallow witness?

Explanation: the Swallow witnessed in the great city that the rich where making merry in there beautiful houses, while begger were sitting at the gates. He saw the faces of starving children on the street.

Why did the brick-layer blame the dancing girl what was the girl’s defense?

This story is the of Kingdom of fools.In this story the thief accidently died,so everyone started to blame each other. When blame was out on the dancing girl,she said the she had to travel up the hill and down the hill because the goldsmith did not give her order on time.

How does the guru manage to save his disciple’s life?

In order to save his disciple, Guru hatched a plan. He said that the first one to be executed at the state, would become the king in the next life and the second to be executed would be the king’s minister. The foolish king and his minister got themselves executed.

Who visited the kingdom?

A guru ji and his disciple one day visited the kingdom of fools.

How did guru realize his disciple’s plight and reach to save him in the Kingdom?

The king ordered to execute the disciple. He prayed to his Guru to save him. The Guru heard his prayer in his vision and appeared to rescue his disciple. First, he whispered something in his disciple’s ears and then asked the king to execute him first.

What made the king and his silly minister go for the stake first a guru’s words and their own foolishness B their greed c their foolishness D all?

Answer. Answer: Explanation: The guru appeared at his disciple’s prayers, and took control of the situation. He asked the’king to put him in the stake before his disciple, because he was the guru and therefore greater than the disciple.

What did the dancing girl argue?

Explanation: The dancing girl defended herself by holding the goldsmith responsible for the death. She argued that the goldsmith made her walk up and down to his house a dozen times. As soon as the king summoned the goldsmith, the goldsmith argued that he had to make jewellery of a merchant who was impatient.

What did the dancing girl say in her Defence class 9th?

What did the dancing girl say in her defence? The dancing girl said that she had given some gold to the goldsmith to make some jewellery. The goldsmith made many excuses. So she had to walk up and down his house many times.

What was the fight that the guru and his disciple got into why?

The guru and his disciple fought over the right to be the first one to die at the stake. They had got into this fight as part of the plan to rescue the disciple. They wanted to make the king believe that getting killed on the stake of the god of justice would make the person the next king.

What is the moral of the story in the kingdom of fools?

The story is a folktale and gives two messages. The first message is that one should stay away from foolish people; else one is bound to suffer. The second message is that in order to tackle foolish people one should employ wisdom and not logic. The guru does not argue or reason the innocence of his disciple.

Who was too thin to fit stake?

Answer: (c)’the merchant was too thin to be properly executed on the stake. Question 3.

Who did the bricklayer blame?

Answer. Answer: The merchant blamed the bricklayer who had not built the wall right thus causing the thief’s death. This bricklayer had built the wall in the times of the rich merchant’s father.

How was the kingdom of fools different from other places Class 9?

Answer: The kingdom of fools was different from other place because of the laws made by the king and his ministers. The laws were that everyone should sleep during day time and work during night time and the other law was that everything in the kingdom of fools should be sold for one duddu (one rupee).

What did the guru tell the king about the stake?

Answer: The king assured him, and the guru, taking the king aside, told that the stake was the stake of the god of justice. It was new and no crime had ever been put on it. Hence, whoever dies first will be reborn as the king and the next person will be reborn as the minister.

What did the guru plead to the king to save his discipline?

Praising the king for his wisdom, he pleaded the king to stake him first and the disciple too, likewise, started pleading. The guru then explained to the perplexed king that whoever got staked on the stake of justice first would become the king and the one who died next would be his minister.

How did the guru save the kingdom?

by flattering the king making the king believe that the new stake will bring fortune by helping the kingdom getting rid of the foolish king and his silly minister all.

How did the guru manage to rescue the kingdom What qualities in him proved to be ideal for this task?

Answer: The disciple called for the Guru when he falls into the trouble. After analyzing the whole issue, Guru came up with a clever plan to rescue his disciple. He put in the minds of the King and his minister that whoever will die at that time would get the chance of ruling the kingdom in his next life.

How did the guru find out that his disciple was in trouble?

The disciple called for the guru when he falls in the trouble . guru came up with a clever plan to rescue his disciple.

Do you think that the disciple’s obedience could have saved him from trouble?

Answer. Answer: Explanation: Yes, obeying his guru would have never brought him in such situation as he would have already left the Kingdom of Fools with his guru.

What reason did the guru give to the king for dying first?

Answer: The Guru arrived on time to save his disciple and created a drama. He told the king that it was not an ordinary stake and whoever went to the stake first would become the king in next life. The second to die would become his minister.

Who was finally blamed for the thief’s death?

The merchant blamed the bricklayer who had not built the wall right, thus causing the thief’s death. This bricklayer had built the wall in the times of the rich merchant’s father.

When did the disciple remember the warnings of his guru?

The disciple remembers the words of his guru when the king’s soldiers arrest him to be executed as he was fat enough to fit in the stake.

How guru planned the defeat of the King?

On being asked, the Guru told that whoever chose the stake first would become the king in the next birth and whoever would die next, would become the minister. Both the king and the minister were tempted and chose the stake one by one.

What did guru tell the king?

Answer : The guru told the king that the stake was of the God of justice and whoever died first on that stake would be reborn as the king of the country. Whoever died next would be reborn as the minister of the country. That is why, the guru wanted to die first.

What happens to the swallow in the end?

In the end, the swallow died due to frost. The weather was so bad for him that he could not survive. Question 5. What happened to the Happy Prince’s leaden heart?

What is the summary of the Happy Prince?

The Happy Prince is the story of a majestic statue that looks down over a city. The statue is of a Prince who had had an easy, luxurious life, completely unconcerned by what was happening beyond the walls of his castle. Now, he is tied to that immobile, sumptuous statue, bathed in gold and with precious stones.

How did the little swallow carry out the wishes of the Happy Prince?

Swallow carried out the wishes of the happy Prince by being his messager. Prince told the swallow that far away in a little Street there is a poor women whose boy is lying ill and he is also very hungry and asking for oranges. He asked the swallow to puck out his Ruby and give it to the women.

Did the Happy Prince send the ruby to?

The Happy Prince sent a ruby for the seamstress because she was very poor and could not feed her child who was suffering from fever. He was asking for oranges but his mother had nothing to give him. The Happy Prince saw the poor lady and her son.

What did the king decide to do with the minister?

Answer. King and the minister decide to be executed on the stake in place of guru and the disciple. because the king didnot want to lose his kingdom.

What is the role of the Swallow in the story The Happy Prince?

So with the help of the swallow he helped the seamstress by giving her the ruby from his sword hilt. He helped the playwright and the match girl by giving his eyes which was made up of sapphires. He helped the poor children by giving his gold leaf. This was the role of the swallow in THE HAPPY PRINCE.

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