How do you appreciate ballet?

  1. Step 1: Know What Makes Ballet Beautiful—and Difficult. .
  2. Step 2: Pick a Ballet to Watch. .
  3. Step 3: Get to Know the Story & the Score. .
  4. Step 4: Read Critics’ Reviews Ahead of Time. .
  5. Step 5: Read up on the Dancers. .
  6. Step 6: Get Good Seats. .
  7. Step 7: Appreciate Each Movement.

How do you appreciate the dance performance?

  1. Wow! .
  2. I love your calm spirit while performing.
  3. I never knew you are so great. .
  4. That music and your moves were made for each other. .
  5. Your movement was so precise and perfect. .
  6. All your hard work and practice are paying off.
  7. The dress, rhythm, dance, and performance is like the ninth symphony.

How do you comment on a good dance?

A beautiful performance, very emotional and moving.” “You have great charisma – please keep this, as this will distinguish you from other dancers.” “You put your heart and soul into the dance. Very gifted, well done!”

How do you describe someone’s dance?

  • graceful. adjective. graceful movement is smooth and beautiful.
  • smooth. adjective. a smooth movement is easy and well controlled.
  • fluid. adjective. .
  • balletic. adjective. .
  • dainty. adjective. .
  • gentle. adjective. .
  • lithe. adjective. .
  • supple. adjective.

How do you appreciate students performance?

  1. Good.
  2. You’ve got it right.
  3. That’s right.
  4. Super.
  5. That’s good.
  6. You’re really working hard today.
  7. You are very good at that.
  8. That’s coming along nicely.

Why do you enjoy ballet?

Unlike youth sports that focus on running around and learning physical skills only, ballet also teaches smooth coordination, micro-abilities, and balance. It also promotes excellent posture, which can help kids in many other areas of their life, even when it comes to alertness in school.

What can you say about ballet?

Ballet is an art form created by the movement of the human body. It is theatrical – performed on a stage to an audience utilizing costumes, scenic design and lighting. It can tell a story or express a thought, concept or emotion. Ballet dance can be magical, exciting, provoking or disturbing.

What is so beautiful about ballet?

Ballet is magical! The beauty of the dancer’s body and its liquid movement, the music and its choreography, the costumes and sets, and the exchange of human energy — audience and dancer.

What is the values and attitude of ballet?

Ballet requires good behavior and control, and even young children are required to adhere to the curriculum (though young children’s classes should also incorporate imagination and games). It is vital that teachers instill this discipline and teach ethical behavior in class.

Why should we appreciate dance?

Learning, thought, creativity, and intelligence don’t just come from the brain alone, but from the entire body. Movement combinations increase memory, order, and sequencing skills. Creating dances also increases self-esteem which is so very important to learning.

How do you feel after dancing?

When you dance your body releases endorphins. This is a chemical that trigger’s positive energy and good vibes! It helps improve our emotional state and reduce our perception of pain. So basically, dancing is your cure for happiness!

Why do you love dancing?

It has health benefits from increasing stamina, relieving stress, and body sculpting to name a few. But it’s also great for mental and emotional health. I feel that dance brings people together and provides them with a sense of community with people that have the same interests and passion.

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