How do you become a Zumba dancer?

Zumba® For Beginners: A Basic Steps Tutorial – YouTube

How do you become a good Zumba dancer?

Prepare Yourself Physically – Keep music and choreography fresh. Learn the new routines sent to you by the Zumba Instructor Network each month. During classes, verbally instruct your students in the new steps. Attend other instructors’ classes and Zumba jam sessions to stay on top of new moves and get innovative ideas.

Is Zumba hard to learn?

Contrary to popular belief, it’s easy to join in on Zumba even if you don’t have killer salsa moves or are trained in ballroom dancing. In fact, Zumba celebrates the ability to learn the moves as you progress through the classes.

How long is Zumba training?

The entire Zumba certification process typically takes anywhere from a full day to an entire weekend and doesn’t require any pre-requisites so as long as you’re over 18, you’re good to go. Right now, you’re able to get your certification online through a 10-hour program you can take at your own pace.

What is it like to be a Zumba instructor?

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Zumba® For Beginners: A Basic Steps Tutorial – YouTube


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