How do you do the Night Fever dance?


How do you do the dance move in Saturday Night Fever?

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How did John Travolta dance in Saturday Night Fever?

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What is freestyle disco dancing?

Freestyle Disco is a fun high energy dance style which incorporates Jazz Technique such as technical Spins, Kicks, Leaps, jumps, along with Gymnastics, Body movement, Flexibility and much more. It is a fast paced dance style, but can be done at many different speeds including slow.

Where was the disco in Saturday Night Fever?

Filming. The film was shot entirely on-location in Brooklyn, New York. The 2001 Odyssey Disco was a real club located at 802 64th Street, which has since been demolished.

What are the steps to disco dance?

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What is the Brooklyn shuffle?

Night Fever, also known as The Brooklyn Shuffle was one of three line dances that was showcased in the blockbuster film Saturday Night Fever which premiered in 1977. This particular dance was choreographed to fit the hit tune “Night Fever” which was written and recorded by The Bee Gees.


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