How do you do the One Dance?

“ONE DANCE” – Drake TUTORIAL | @MattSteffanina Choreography

How do you do the One Dance TikTok?


How can I move my waist in bed?

HOW TO WINE/WHINE YOUR WAIST Pt. 2 | Beginners Dance Tutorial

What is the easiest TikTok dance to learn?

  1. Renegade by Jalaiah Harmon “Lottery (Renegade)” by K Camp.
  2. The “Say So” Dance with music by Doja Cat.
  3. Blinding Lights with music by The Weeknd.
  4. Toosie Slide with music by Drake.
  5. Hit Yo Rollie.
  6. Laxed (Siren Beat)
  7. The Applebee’s-lovers Dance music by Walker Hayes.

How do you sway your hips?

How To Do A Hip Swing – YouTube

How do you shake your thighs?

Twerk Tutorial- Thigh Clap How to Twerk @iDanceAcademyLA

What is the dance that everyone is doing on TikTok?

Siren Beat – The Siren Beat is actually a challenge that started in 2020 and has continued to stay trending throughout 2021. It’s a fun dance and one that you could probably pick up in an afternoon.

How do you shake your hips for TikTok?


How do you do the one foot dance?

How to do the Heel Toe / Happy Feet (Dance Moves Tutorial) – YouTube

How do you do the Tiktok foot thing?

3 Step/3 Walk TikTok Dance Tutorial – Slow/For Beginners – YouTube

How do you do the butterfly dance?

How to Do the Butterfly Dance | Sexy Dance Moves – YouTube

Do Crips walk?

How to Crip Walk in 2020 | Dance Tutorial – YouTube

How do you learn footsteps?

How To Do The Feet Thing (Heel Toe Move) | Popular Tik Tok Dance Move

How do you do a Crip walk step by step?

How To Crip Walk For Beginners – YouTube

How do you shuffle your legs?

How to Shuffle (Dance Moves Tutorial) | Mihran Kirakosian

How do you dance to you’re the one that I want?

YOU’RE THE ONE THAT I WANT, from Grease – Dance Tutorial (From …

What is the name of the traditional Greek dance?

Sirtaki or syrtaki (Greek: συρτάκι) is a dance of Greek origin, choreographed for the 1964 film Zorba the Greek. It is a recent Greek folkdance, and a mixture of “syrtos” and the slow and fast rhythms of the hasapiko dance.

Who started the One Dance challenge?

You might not know their names, but you certainly know their moves. If you have tried one TikTok dance, it’s most definitely the “Renegade.” This wildly popular dance was created by a 14-year-old dancer named Jalaiah Harmon, who had posted the original routine on an app called Funimate.

How many plays does One Dance have?

DDrake’s “One Dance” is officially Spotify’s most streamed song ever. The streaming service announced the news on Tuesday (Oct. 18), with the Views track clocking in more than 882 million plays at time of publishing.

How do you do the dance challenge?

How to Make a TikTok Dance Challenge – YouTube

How do you do the glitch trend?


How did the One Dance Challenge start?

Many called the collaboration between Nigeria Grammy award winner, Wizkid and America sensational rapper Drake a hoax. Five years after, his verse on ‘One Dance’, a collaboration with Drake is now a Tiktok Challenge and massively trending on Twitter.

Is One Dance a diamond?

The gold/platinum program at Music Canada has awarded “One Dance” diamond certification which is equivalent to 10x platinum or 800,000 units. The units are determined by the sale of digital downloads and streaming at the rate of 150 streams equivalent to 1 unit.

Who choreographed One Dance?

Regina Eigbe’s original choreography on Drake’s ‘One Dance’ is still doing its round on Instagram, and now, the Indian pinch to it is slowly becoming the new viral.

Who started the TikTok Neon Moon dance?

Manumalo Moe is the Samoan TikToker who started the now viral #WhenTheSunGoesDown trend by choreographing a dance to go with DJ Noiz’ Neon Moon catchy remix. The content creator posted the original dance in August and it now has over 700K people replicating the dance.

What was the first TikTok trend?

One of the earliest and most visible trends on TikTok in 2020 was the Renegade, a dance choreographed by Jalaiah Harmon, 15, to the song “Lottery” by the Atlanta rapper K-Camp.

Who made the first TikTok?

TikTok’s Launch – Launched in September 2016 by the Chinese startup company ByteDance, it’s known there as Douyin. Its stratospheric growth in usage really began in late 2017, when it acquired a rival app,, and ported over its 200 million account list to TikTok.

Who created renegade?

When Jalaiah Harmon was 14, she choreographed one of the most viral dance trends to ever hit TikTok: the Renegade. The dance, which blew up in 2019, helped catapult a contingent of largely white TikTokers, like Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae, to stardom.

Who sampled One Dance Drake?

If you exist anywhere on the Internet, you are full aware that Drake dropped two new songs today off his long-awaited release, Views From the 6. On his new track titled “One Dance,” Drake raps over a sample of “Do You Mind” by Crazy Cousinz and Kyla.

Why is Drake One Dance not on youtube?

Please Forgive Me did include a portion dedicated to One Dance, however other songs on the album were featured throughout. As for a sole music video, there are a few reasons why he chose not to release a music video: Drake simply felt there wasn’t a need to release a music video for.


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