How do you do tutting dance moves?

How to Do a Basic Move | Tutting – YouTube

Is tutting hard to learn?

Learning how to tut is almost impossible to teach in one video from one person as there are so many different ranges of motion, concepts, and elements that go into tutting.

What are the benefits of doing the tutting routine?

  • development of focus.
  • increased self confidence.
  • increased coordination skills.
  • develops self discipline.
  • promotes feelings of calmness.
  • keeps the brain active.
  • a great outlet for self-expression.
  • develops fantastic hand-eye coordination.

Who created tutting?

The person who pioneered this style was Mark Benson aka King Boogaloo Tut. It is said that he was inspired after seeing Boogaloo Sam (founder of the Electric Boogaloos) dancing in Mac Arthur Park in Long Beach, CA.

How do you dance with your fingers?

Dance Your Fingers (Preschool Rhyme) – YouTube

When was tutting created?

History of Tutting – Although it is not stated who started the Tutting trend, it became popular around the 1980’s. The dance began as a mimicking of the angular poses common to egyptian art, certain tutting moves have been referred to as, “King Tut.” Although it is sometimes mistaken for, “Walking like an Egyptian.”

How do you do the click dance link?

How to Dance Liquid: Hand Wave (broken audio… click link) – YouTube

Who popularized the dance style tutting?

Finger-tutting received international attention after dancer/choreographer Julian “JayFunk” Daniels performed in a viral Samsung commercial entitled “Unleash Your Fingers”. Later, the dance group Finger Circus popularized the form through commercials and YouTube videos.


How to Do a Basic Move | Tutting – YouTube

This Is TUTTING – YouTube

How to do a Basic Tutting Combo – Part 2 (Hip Hop Dance …

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