What are dancing partners called?

What is another name for couple dance?

couple dance; ballroom dancing.

What do you call when 2 people dance?

Two dancers can also perform a duet, a dance especially choreographed for a couple. Duet stems from the Italian duetto, “musical composition for two voices,” from duo, or “two.” Definitions of duet.

What’s another word for partner?

  • better half,
  • consort,
  • mate,
  • significant other,
  • spouse.

What do you call a team of dancers?

A troupe is a group of actors, singers, or dancers who work together and often travel around together, performing in different places.

What are dance crews?

A dance crew is a group of dancers who perform together as a collective under a group name in a more informal agreement than an official dance company. Most dance crews compete against other teams or perform for hire at different venues and events.

What is a duet in ballet called?

In ballet, a pas de deux is a dance duet in which two dancers perform ballet steps together.

Why is it called pas de deux?

pas de deux, (French: “step for two”), dance for two performers. The strictly classical balletic pas de deux followed a fixed pattern: a supported adagio, a solo variation for the male dancer, a solo variation for the female dancer, and a coda in which both participants displayed their virtuosity.

What is an important dance term which identifies the dance formation of two more couples?

Amalgamation. A combination of two or more figures; more generally: a sequence of figures that a couple wants to dance.

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