What are the 4 styles of Bharatanatyam?

How many types of Bharatanatyam styles are there?

However, there are 3 different Bharatanatyam styles that are commonly known and practised.

How many Banis are there in Bharatanatyam?

There are 4 to 5 main banis. The current structure, followed by all the Banis of Bharatanatyam, emanated from the Tanjor Quartet.

What is Mysore style Bharatanatyam?

The Mysore style of Bharatanatyam started to assume its recognisable form in the nineteenth century under Krishnaraja Wodeyar III, but had begun to flourish during the rule of Chamaraja Wodeyar IX who invited Chinnaiah, one of the brothers of the famous Tanjore Quartet to the Mysore court.

What is Thanjavur style Bharatanatyam?

The Pandanallur style is a style of Bharatanatyam Indian dance. It is mainly attributed to Dance Guru Meenakshi sundaram Pillai (1869–1964), a dance guru who lived in the village of Pandanallur, in the Thanjavur district in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

What is Bani Bharatnatyam?

Bani or tradition is term used to describe the dance technique and style specific to the guru/school. These are named according to the village of the guru (with the exception of some banis).

What are the 3 different styles in Bharatanatyam?

The discussion on Styles in Bharatanatyam dealt with the salient features of three contemporary schools – Vazhuvur, Pandanallur and Kalakshetra.

What are the different steps of Bharatanatyam?

  • Step One: Tatta Adavu (Tapping) Tapping is first.
  • Step Two: Natta Adavu (Stretching) Stretch.
  • Step Three: Visharu Adavu.
  • Step Four: Tattimetti Adavu (Balancing)
  • Step Five: Teermanam Adavu (Ending)
  • Step Six: Sarikal Adavu (Sliding)
  • Step Seven: Kudittametta Adavu (Jumping)


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