What dance form is the Electric Slide?

The Electric Slide is usually danced to “Electric Boogie” by Marcia Griffiths.

What is the Electric Slide dance called?

The Electric (better known as The Electric Slide) is a four wall line dance set to Marcia Griffiths and Bunny Wailer’s song “Electric Boogie”. Choreographer, pianist and Broadway performer Richard L. “Ric” Silver created the dance in 1976 from a demo of the Bunny Wailer recording.

When was the Electric Slide dance created?

The step sequence was first devised by Broadway dancer Ric Silver in 1976 to an upbeat reggae song by Bunny Wailer, Electric Boogie, a hit in Jamaica that went on to become a more mainstream US success for his compatriot Marcia Griffiths, in 1982 and 1989.

How do you do the electric shuffle dance?

Fortnite “Electro Shuffle” Tutorial | Gabby J David – YouTube

Who created the dance Electric Slide?

Creator Seeks to Preserve ‘Electric Slide’ The Electric Slide slithered out of ’70s disco venues to global popularity. But choreographer Richard Silver says his creation has lost key steps in more recent representations. He’s considering a suit to protect the artistic integrity of his dance.

How did the Electric Slide originate?

Back in 1976, Neville “Bunny Wailer” Livingston wrote a catchy song called “Electric Boogie” for his childhood buddy, singer Marcia Griffiths. Then choreographer Silver created the electric slide, a 22-step dance to the song that incorporated grapevines and a series of forward and backward steps.

How do you do the glide dance?

How to do the Glide (Hip Hop Dance Moves Tutorial) | Mihran Kirakosian

What type of dance is Electric Boogie?

Electric boogaloo (sometimes referred to as electric boogie on the East Coast) is a dance style closely related to the earlier Boogaloo street dance performed in Oakland and popping; it combines modern popping techniques and earlier boogaloo forms.

What is Fresno popping?

HISTORY. Boogaloo Sam was inspired to create a new style of dance after watching some dancers who were locking on television. He created Popping, which is a dance that combines rigid robotic moves with loose flowing moves. Popping came about in the 60’s and started with Boogaloo Sam in Fresno California.

How do you do the electric boogaloo dance?

Electric Boogaloo-Tutorial Folge 1 – Dance Grooves | DASDING

What dance style did Don Campbell create?

He invented the Campbellock, better known as locking, an idiosyncratic style that became one of the first street dances to gain widespread attention.

What type of music is the Electric Slide?

Track Classification
Genre:Dance 1980s
MusicBrainz Genre:Pop/Rock

When did Cupid Shuffle come out?

In 2007, Bryson “Cupid” Bernard shuffled his way into the hearts of millions with the up-tempo party song “Cupid Shuffle,” which also inspired the popular dance craze of the same name.

Is square dancing the same as line dancing?

The difference between line dancing and square dancing is that line dancing is memorized and square dancing is a “called” dance. Square dancing has a “caller” giving instructions for what to do. Line dancing requires memorizing choreography and then is danced with others in unison as the song plays.

What’s the difference between square dancing and swing dancing?

Line Dancing vs. Square Dancing – YouTube

What is Boogie bolt?

Electric Slide’s primary weapon is the Boogie Bolt, a single shot bolt of electricity that deals arcing damage to enemies nearby the target. 6 consecutive hits will stun plants for a few seconds.

Where did barn dance originated?

It has been estimated that the Barn Dance originated in England and Scotland in the 1860s, an era when peasants went to open areas in a barn to imitate dancing of the wealthy landowners. Since those times, Barn dances were held to celebrate the raising of a new barn, a holiday, birthday, wedding or a celebration.


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