What does Ceroc stand for?

Ceroc is an abbreviation of the French phrase c’est Rock, and believe me rock it does! Ceroc has been going for about 30 years around the world, and aims to teach dance in its general form to help participants express themselves in their own unique way.

Where does Ceroc dancing come from?

The name ‘Ceroc’ is said to derive from the French “C’est le roc” (it’s roc), used to describe rock and roll dancing in France.

How many Ceroc moves are there?

Learn the 12 Basic moves and 8 set routines – the very same routines that you will be learning in your Ceroc venues.

What is Northern Soul dance?

Northern soul is a music and dance movement that emerged in Northern England and the English Midlands in the late 1960s from the British mod scene, based on a particular style of Black American soul music, especially from the mid-1960s, with a heavy beat and fast tempo (100 bpm and above) or American soul music from

What is the meaning of Sarok dance?

Sarok is a hat made of bamboo strips and dried banana leaves. Sarok Festival a mardigras of colors and street dancing along the main road of Consolacion is celebrated every 14 February in commemoration of Consolacion founding anniversary. The main attraction of this festival is the colorful Sarok and its wide uses.

What is Ceroc music?

Ceroc is essentially a fusion of several different partner dance styles. To teach their dance style, the people at Ceroc UK have taken over a thousand moves from dance formats as diverse as Jive, Ballroom, Argentine Tango, Street Dance, West Coast Swing, Blues and many more.

What is modern jive music?

Modern Jive is a dance style derived from swing, Lindy Hop, rock and roll, salsa and others, the main difference being the simplification of footwork by removing syncopation such as chasse. The term “French Jive” is occasionally used instead, reflecting the origins of the style, as is the term “Smooth Jive”.

How do you jive?

How to Do Basic Jive Steps | Ballroom Dance – YouTube


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12 Core Beginners Modern Jive Moves Every Beginner Modern Jiver Needs To Know!

Johnny LeRoc – Modern Jive – Intermediate routine 7

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