What does the swing dance look like?

How to Do Basic Swing Dance Steps | Ballroom Dance – YouTube

How do you describe a swing dance?

Swing dancing is a popular social dance that is often characterized by lifts, spins and flips. It’s generally upbeat, lively and a lot of fun to watch—and to dance! Like most dance styles, there are variations of the dance. It includes some basic steps and then dancers have creative freedom to make it their own.

What music is used for swing dance?

It is danced to rock music of various kinds, blues or boogie woogie music but usually not to jazz. As the dance has developed, it has also taken to 8-count variations and swing outs similar to Lindy Hop, while keeping the original boogie woogie footwork.

Why do you like swing dancing?

Swing dancing is good exercise – Dancing is a great way to get fit. As an aerobic, cardio workout it can reduce blood pressure and the risk of heart disease. Dancing can also improve your balance, stamina, flexibility and muscle strength.

What are the 4 steps to swing dance?

How to Do Basic Swing Dance Steps | Ballroom Dance

Is swing dancing easy?

Learning the basic steps of swing dancing is quite simple, but it can get tricky when you start to add in twirls and other fancy movements. If you’re just getting started, it’s helpful to create a solid foundation of the basic steps!

How do you swing dance alone?

West Coast Swing | 5 Ways to Practice Alone – YouTube

How many basic steps are in the swing dance?

The swing has a basic 6-stroke step and a basic 8-stroke step. Next, we explain the basic step of 6 beats and then the 8 beats. Make a setback with two beats, then mark step 3 and 4 with the same foot forward, and then mark step 5 and 6 with the opposite foot backward and repeat the series successively.

How do you swing dance with partner?

How to Swing Dance : Partner Communication in Swing Dancing

Who was the best swing dancer?

In 1935, a dancer named Frankie Manning won a dance competition with a daring feat: He flipped his partner over his back and onto her feet, the Lindy Hop “air step” that would make Manning, honored in today’s Google Doodle, arguably the most famous swing dancer of all time.

What are the steps in swing dancing?

The basic pattern is triple step, triple step, and a rock step. When you’re starting out you can replace the triple step with a single step. In that case the pattern would be step, step, rock step or rock step, step, step, depending on how you start counting. The overall progression is, of course, the same.

What is modern swing dancing?

The dance originated in Harlem in the late 1920s, in a form called Lindy Hop, and became widely popular in the ’30s, the Swing Era, with big-band jazz. In recent decades, most shows, films and commercials using swing dance have tended to treat it as an ambered period style or a costumed caricature.


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