What does Tinikling dance Express?

The name stems from the Tinikling bird in which the dance mimics the bird dodging bamboo traps set by rice farmers as the rice farmers attempt to catch the birds. Typically, this dance is performed at schools as well as special events such as Filipino independence day or weddings to express the Filipino culture.

How does Tinikling Express?

They produce clapping sounds as they are struck against the ground (or two raised pieces of wood) and each other in a triple metre pattern. Traditionally, the poles are tapped twice on the ground on the first two beats, then brought together on the third beat.

How does Tinikling reflect Filipino culture?

Dancing the Tinikling – Since it’s a dramatic dance, it’s usually performed on special occasions like traditional Filipino festivals or at school and theater performances. Some say that this dance represents most Filipinos’ two main character traits: They’re resilient and fun-loving.

What makes Tinikling special?

Tinikling is different from other dances with its unique form and traditions from the Philippines. This dance typically involves two to four long bamboo poles that are parallel and held by people kneeling, also known as clappers. The clappers tap and slide the sticks on the ground as the dancers dance across them.

What is the message of Tinikling dance?

Tinikling Dance: Tinikling is often described as a folk dance that represents the attempts of Filipino rice farmers to catch and prevent the Tikling bird from stealing ripe rice grains from the fields (9).

What is the importance of Tinikling dance?

The Tinikling is an important dance to the Philippines in a variety of ways. Through unique props, clothing, and entertaining dance movements, it represents many of the values that are important to the Philippines such as nature and life.


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