What does Tinikling dance imitate?

The name is a reference to birds locally known as tikling, which can be any of a number ofrail species; the term tinikling literally means “tikling-like.”The dance originated in Leyteamong the Visayan islands in the central Philippines as an imitation of the tikling bird dodging bamboo traps set by rice farmers.

How would you describe Tinikling dance?

The tinikling is a pre-Spanish dance from the Philippines that involves two people beating, tapping, and sliding bamboo poles on the ground and against each other in coordination with one or more dancers who step over and in between the poles in a dance.

What are your insights about Tinikling?

Tinikling is the Philippines’ national dance and is a traditional folk dance that originated during the Spanish colonial era. A dance that uses a pair of bamboo poles, Tinikling is considered to be the oldest traditional dance of the country and is also danced across the globe, particularly in the United States.

What do you call a dance form created by imitating the movement of a duck?

Itik-Itik is a Philippines folk dance form created by imitating the “movements of a duck” such as wading, flying, and short steps and splashing water on their backs like the ducks do. This “mimetic” folk dance is said to have originated from the province of Surigao in Philippines.

What is the genre of Tinikling?

tinikling, popular Philippine folk dance. Its appeal has spread worldwide, and it is generally included in the folk-dance curricula in the schools of many countries.

How would you describe the traditional dance in the Philippines?

Tinikling is one of the most famous dances in the Philippines. The movements of this Filipino folk dance imitate the movements of the tikling bird as it walks around through tall grass and between tree branches. People use bamboo poles to perform this Filipino traditional dance.

How does dancing Tinikling help the body?

Thus, the Tinikling is a viable dance which could improve the health related fitness of the performers in terms of muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility. Also, the dance could improve skill-related fitness such as power, agility, balance and coordination.

What animal does Tinikling imitate?

Someone who dances the Tinikling imitates the movements of a tikling bird (hence, tikling-like) as the bird walks over the grass or dodges bamboo traps set by Filipino farmers on vast rice fields.

What is the inspiration of Tinikling?

The dance as we know it today is inspired by the bird’s showy gait when it struts through the grass with its long stilts and the way it runs through branches or dodges bamboo traps set up by rice farmers.

What makes the Tinikling unique?

Tinikling is different from other dances with its unique form and traditions from the Philippines. This dance typically involves two to four long bamboo poles that are parallel and held by people kneeling, also known as clappers. The clappers tap and slide the sticks on the ground as the dancers dance across them.


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