What happened to areana Lopez brother?

Areana’s brother, Jordan, is disabled and is unable to walk or talk. In 2011, Areana competed a solo for her own studio at the time at iHollywood on the episode Cathy Brings It On but it was not shown.

What happened to Ari’s brother on Dance Moms?

Early in the episode, Sari Lopez (Areana’s mother) explained that her son had open heart surgery just three months after he was born and, a few days later, went into cardiac arrest. He was dead for nearly an hour, and while he was eventually revived, he is now unable to walk or talk.

Who is Ari Lopez?

She’s a dancer known for being part of the Abby Lee Dance Company Mini Team that was created before Season 6. She’s done modeling for Kandi Kouture, her mother’s dance wear company. She wants to be a actress, dancer & singer when she’s older.

Why did Ari leave Dance Moms?

Dance Moms meant I got to work with outstanding choreographers and my name as a person and dancer got well known as well. However, I quit the show because with Dance Moms comes drama, unfortunately. You were part of the Mini Team, can you say more about your time in this group?

Where is Payton from Dance Moms now?

Currently, Payton is part of Playground LA, a dance studio by Robin Antin, better known as the creator of “The Pussycat Dolls.” She is also one of the stars of the VH1’s Hit the Floor and has her own YouTube channel with almost 40,000 subscribers.

How old is Kendall from Dance Moms?

19 years (December 9, 2002)

Does Payton Ackerman have a kid?

Payton Ackerman on Instagram: “Happy Sunday from baby Jhets and I ”

How old is Kaye from Dance Moms?

Peyton Kaye Evans
BirthdateFebruary 17, 2009
HometownSalt Lake City, Utah

What year was Peyton on Dance Moms born?

g Payton Ackerman
Websites:Instagram Twitter
Born:August 24, 1997


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