What happened to Mia on So You Think You Can Dance?

So when I was working on the show, I wasn’t able to really focus on anything else. Now I’m really focusing on these other projects that I can’t pass up. I think that’s pretty much the main reason why I left the show. Get push notifications with news, features and more.

How did Mia Michaels get into dance?

Her father, Joe Michaels, taught her jazz, tap, and ballet from the age of three at the Miami Dance Center. Her sister, Dana Michaels, taught her contemporary dance. Her brother Joe Melchiona owned and taught dance at Heidi & Joe’s Dance Center in Miami Florida.

What style is Mia Michaels?

Her style can be described as fusion of movement but in her choreographic pieces, it is difficult to narrow her work down into one certain mold. Her mixed background of training explains this aspect of her style. Michaels’ pieces have a strong connection between musicality and timing.

What has Mia Michaels done?

Mia Michaels is an American choreographer best known for her judging and three-time Emmy Award-winning contemporary choreography on the Fox TV show “So You Think You Can Dance.” She has choreographed tours from Madonna’s Drown World Tour to Cirque du Soleil’s Delirium.

Why is Mia Michaels important?

Probably most famous for working as a choreographer and judge on the ever popular dance competition show So You Think You Can Dance, viewers have been soaking up Mia Michaels for the Fox television hit. She also choreographs for the spin off tours and has won an Emmy for her television achievements.

When did Mia Michaels start dancing?

By the age of 3, Michaels began training with her father at the Miami Dance Center and quickly picked up the family talent. By age 11, Michaels began choreographing with her father as well as making movements on her own.


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