What is a creative dance?

Creative Dance is a form of dance that combines movement and artistic expression, without the requirement of extensive training (Gilbert, 1992).

What is the importance of creative dance?

Creative dance helps children develop an increased ability to be in the body in the present moment, feeling all its sensations, both emotional and physical. It can help children’s social and emotional development, and this can, in turn, be of benefit in other spheres of life.

Is hip-hop a creative dance?

With more upbeat music, hip-hop dance creates a different level of fun and creativity.

What is the difference between creative dance and dance?

Typically creative dance focuses on the development of motor skills and emotional expression as opposed to the more aesthetics based focus of dance in a more traditional arts structured setting (Dow, 2010).

Is ballet a creative dance?

There are many types of dance (ballet, jazz, modern, tap, hip-hop, etc…). Creative Dance is a contemporary one. It doesn’t relate to a specific technic but a synthesis of all styles of Dance.

What is a creative movement?

September 17, 2019. Creative movement can be defined as movement that indicates the inner nature of a child. The encouragement of children to explore this movement using music encourages the development of physical skills, channeling energy in a healthy way and nurtures their creativity.


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