What is a showstopper all star?

Showstopper All-Stars are the top scoring soloists from each of our regional competitions in the Junior, Teen, and Senior Competitive Divisions. The number of All-Stars selected is based on the number of entries at that show.

What is a showstopper award?

The top competitive-level soloists from each regional competition will receive the honor of being named a Showstopper All-Star. All-Star Dancers are invited to perform in the Opening Number at any of The Finals, which kicks off our live championship event, The America Loves to Dance Awards.

What level is platinum in dance?

This adjudication is assigned by the overall score a routine receives based on the following point system: PLATINUM: 300-285. ELITE HIGH GOLD: 284.9-270. HIGH GOLD: 269.9-255.

What is showstopper testing?

A showstopper bug is a hardware or software bug that causes an implementation to stop and become essentially useless. This critical bug must be fixed for the development process to proceed further.

Does showstopper have a live stream?

The entire event will be streamed live online from our 50,000 sqft Showstopper Headquarters! All routines are premiered live on our stage with multi-cam shots, fog, lights, and custom backgrounds on a 40ft wide LED screen! The country’s top judges will record voice-critiques live from the audience!

How do you qualify for Showstoppers Nationals?

  1. All dancers taking OVER FIVE HOURS of dance and/or acrobatics per week,
  2. Performance level dancers that wish to compete at the competitive level, and.
  3. Advanced level dancers that wish to compete at the competitive level.

What is a showstopper event?

An event or situation that causes production or progress to cease.

How do you use showstopper?

Showstopper sentence example – June is in charge of the flowers – her Clematis ‘ Avalanche ‘ is a real showstopper. I’ve even been persuaded to take part myself and will be singing a showstopper from the hit musical Joseph ” . The other main showstopper was realizing BB was quietly munching on one.


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