What is a showstopper event?

An event or situation that causes production or progress to cease.

What is considered a showstopper?

Definition of showstopper – 1 : an act, song, or performer that wins applause so prolonged as to interrupt a performance. 2 : something or someone exceptionally arresting or attractive the gold crown was the showstopper of the exhibition. 3 : one that stops or could stop the progress, operation, or functioning of

What is a showstopper in musical Theatre?

Showstopper definition – A song or sequence in a musical theater production, show, etc. so exciting or impressive that applause from the audience interrupts the performance.

What is another word for showstopper?


What is another word for red flag?

Red-flag synonyms – Any danger or warning signal; specif., a red lamp, flare, etc. Something that will enrage another particular person. (Idiomatic) A state of affairs, action.

What does dreamboat mean?

Definition of dreamboat – slang. : one that is highly desirable especially : a very attractive person.

What’s a word for eye catching?


Is show stopper hyphenated?

Originally a “show-stopper” (now often spelled without the hyphen as one or two words) was a sensational musical number which created so much applause that the show had to be temporarily halted. By extension, anything making a sensationally positive impact could be called “show-stopping.”

What do you mean by euphoric?

Definition of euphoric – : marked by a feeling of great happiness and excitement : characterized by, based on, or producing euphoria a euphoric mood feeling euphoric He knew he was going to win big, big, big, and he was euphoric about it.—

What is the closest synonym for the word showcases?

proclaim. let it all hang out. make clear. make plain. ostend.

How do you become a show stopper?

If you want to be a showstopper in your market, then you must be innovative. Not only innovative — you must WOW prospective customers or clients with your amazing ingenuity. To be a showstopper, you must amaze people — not only amaze them with what you’re offering them, but also amaze them with how you’re offering it!

What is dependencies and show stopper?

This is useful when the main asset is complex enough that you want to manage and update it in separate parts. e.g. The main car asset has two dependencies: -wheel asset. -vehicle rig asset. A ‘showstopper’ features is called that because the absence of it will ‘stop the show’, i.e. cause the product not to be released.

Does showstopper have a livestream?

The entire event will be streamed live online from our 50,000 sqft Showstopper Headquarters! All routines are premiered live on our stage with multi-cam shots, fog, lights, and custom backgrounds on a 40ft wide LED screen! The country’s top judges will record voice-critiques live from the audience!


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