What Is Come Dancing About?

The Kinks – Come Dancing

Where do the kinks come from?

Muswell Hill, London, United Kingdom

What are the Kinks known for?

As well as endearing Anglophiles, The Kinks were also notorious for their rollicking rock and roll shows. It gained the band a notorious reputation. Not because they were as loud as The Who or caused as much pandemonium as The Beatles, but because off-stage the crew were a real handful.

What made the kinks famous?

By the time the single had run its course, the Kinks were famous. It all starts with guitarist Dave Davies’ irresistible riff, which lurches the song to life from its opening notes and provides the musical through line that makes it so immediately, wickedly memorable.

Are the Kinks still going?

After years of silence, Dave Davies has confirmed that The Kinks are coming out of the woodwork and getting into the recording studio together. Throughout decades of reunion pleas, The Kinks have remained a band that broke up and stayed broken up.

Are the Kinks underrated?

Nowadays The Kinks have been called “The greatest and most underrated rock ‘n’ roll band of all time“. Ray Davies is often cited as being as good a songwriter as John Lennon and McCartney and The Kinks’ best music still resonates today, a fact that is shown by the use of their songs in commercials.

What genre are the Kinks?


Who is judging Strictly 2021?

Anton Du Beke will be back on the judging panel permanently when Strictly Come Dancing returns later this year, the hit BBC show has announced. He will be joined by returning judges Craig Revel Horwood, Motsi Mabuse and Head Judge Shirley Ballas when the 20h series hits our TV screens this autumn.

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How long is the Strictly Come Dancing show?

Strictly Come Dancing
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time30–120 minutes
Production companyBBC Studios Entertainment Productions
DistributorBBC Studios

How long is Strictly Come Dancing live show?

Tour by BBC Studios
LocationUnited Kingdom
End dateFebruary each year
Duration150 minutes
No. of shows33 (2022)

Who is taking part in Strictly Come Dancing tour?


When did the Kinks start?

Formed as a rhythm-and-blues band in 1963 by brothers Ray and Dave Davies, the Kinks originated in Muswell Hill in northern London.

How did the Kinks influence music?

And in my pantheon, the Kinks come ahead of the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and the Who. The case for the Kinks goes something like this: They invented the power chord, notably in their first big hit, “You Really Got Me” (1964), and helped pioneer the concept album with “Arthur (1969).

Who played the guitar solo on You Really Got Me?

“I, Dave Davies, invented the distorted guitar sound and played the solo on ‘You Really Got Me’ and Ray Davies played rhythm guitar. We never used ANY other guitarists on any Kinks hits.”

How many members were in the Kinks?

The following May, the Kinks expanded to a five-piece lineup with the addition of John Gosling as their first full-time keyboardist. This lineup remained stable until 1976, when Dalton left.

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