What is Star and Sky real name from dancing dolls?

Shania ‘Star’ Williams is a dancer from Jackson, Mississippi. She is formally a member of the Dancing Dolls. Her parents are Selena Johnson and JJ Williams. She has an older sister, Sunjai, and a twin sister, Sky.

How old is Sunjai from bring it?

Sunjai Williams
DOBFebruary 9, 1997
HometownClinton, Mississippi
TeamDancing Dolls

What is Kayla from Bring it doing now 2021?

She is now going to Grambling University, after transferring from the previous college, which she went to visit during one of the episodes of the show. Kayla is engaged to Mo Johnson. On September 9, 2021, Kayla gave birth to their son Kamarius Johnson.

Did bring it on Lifetime get Cancelled?

Lifetime renewed for the show for a fifth season, which premiered on March 2, 2018. However, according to Dianna Williams, the show has not been cancelled, due to the fact that some girls graduated off the team and Coach D has moved to Atlanta to open up a third Dollhouse. Bring It!

What was the Twins name on bring it?

Selena Johnson
HometownJackson, Mississippi
First Appearance
You Better Bring It!
Last Appearance

Who is the current captain of the Jackson dancing dolls?

etc. Dancing Dolls are a dance team from Jackson, Mississippi. The team is lead by Dianna Williams.

Why did Coach D resigns bring it?

Coach D’s frustration with the Dancing Dolls’ lackluster attitudes results in dramatic departure from the Dollhouse. Coach D’s frustration with the Dancing Dolls’ lackluster attitudes results in dramatic departure from the Dollhouse.

Who is Sunjai Williams dad?

JJ Williams is the father of Sunjai, Star and Sky and Selena Johnson is his ex-wife.

Did any of the dancing dolls go to DeSales University?

Williams, who graduated from Clinton High School with honors, said the show helped her receive a full dance scholarship to DeSales University in Center Valley, Pennsylvania.

Did Crystianna leave the dancing dolls?

In 2017, Crystianna Summers and her aunt, Rittany, were at the center of all the drama on Bring It! after the duo decided to cut ties with dance pro Dianna Williams and the Dancing Dolls to join a rival team. However, that split was short-lived and Coach D welcomed Crystianna back with open arms.

Where is Star and Sky from dancing dolls?

She had an older brother, Quincy Johnson, however he passed away in 2020. Star and her sisters joined the Dancing Dolls in 2012 and graduated form the team in 2019. Sky attended Clinton High School, graduating in 2019. She now attends Alcorn University and is a member of the Alcorn Golden Girls.

Did faith from dancing dolls go to college?

After graduating from high school in 2018, Thigpen decided to attend the American Music Dramatic Academy in New York City. She recently completed her second year and plans to finish her final two years at the Los Angeles campus and get her bachelor’s degree in dance.

What school does Sunjai from dancing dolls go to?

Clinton High School senior Sunjai Williams lives her life beyond the expectations of most 18-year-olds. As a high-schooler and a cast member on the Lifetime Television reality show “Bring It!,” Williams is succeeding in two different worlds.

What are all the dancing dolls names?

  • Coach. Dianna “Miss D” Williams.
  • Dana & Faith.
  • Mimi & Camryn.
  • Rittany & Crystianna.
  • Selena, Sunjai, Sky, & Star.
  • Tamala & Tanesha.
  • Tina & Kayla.

Who is the announcer on bring it?

Bring It On (2000) – Edmond Clay as Football Announcer – IMDb.


Camila Cabello – My Oh My (Lyrics) ft. DaBaby

Doja Cat – Woman (Official Video)

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