What is the dance line in BTS?

Fans generally consider the “Golden Maknae” Jungkook, J-Hope and Jimin as the unofficial/official BTS “dance line,” with these performers tackling the most challenging aspects of BTS’ choreography.

What is the dance type of BTS?

The vast majority of the choreography for BTS performances is Hip-Hop. However, calling it Hip-Hop is like saying it’s a fruit. Hip-Hop is a category of dance.

Who dances the best in BTS?

1. j-hope. J-hope had already made a name for himself as a dancer before joining BTS.

What are the lines in BTS?

  • 1.1 Rap Line.
  • 1.2 Vocal Line.
  • 1.3 Dance Line.
  • 1.4 Visual Line.

What is Jimin famous line?

Jimin has a motto in life where he believes, “Do everything until I can’t.” Other quotes by him that are inspirational are about how you should “go on your path even if you live for a day”.

Who is maknae line?

Before we deep dive into the debate, the Maknae line consists of Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook and the Hyung line consists of Namjoon, Jin, Yoongi and Hoseok. Having said that, I’ve also met a fair number of ARMYs who are Hyung line-biased.

What is Jungkook famous line?

Living without passion is like being dead.” “I’d rather die than live without passion.” “living without passion is like death.”

What is BTS famous line?

Don’t be trapped in someone else’s dream.” “Purple is the last color of the rainbow. Purple means I will trust and love you for a long time.” ” I have a big heart full of love, so please take it all.”

Who get the most lines in BTS?

According to KNetizens, the BTS member who has the most lines in Dynamite is none other than Jungkook. He has sung over 73.5 seconds approximately. Jimin follows the trail at 40.3 seconds making him sing the second most lines in the group. J-Hope has the least lines at 8.6 seconds.

Did Suga give Jin a song?

Conversation. BTS’s SUGA announces produced song for roommate BTS’s JIN to be released on the 4th of December as his gift for his soulmate.

How many Indian fans are there for BTS?

Furthermore, there is no single way to determine how many fans the group has in India, but following an MV that the artists published on YouTube that received nearly 10 million views in just a few days, approximately 8 million of those views came from India.

Why is BTS called ARMY?

“A.R.M.Y” stands for “Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth” and it carries quite some meaning behind it, given that “Army” is associated with the military, body armor, and how those two things are always together, the fandom name basically means that fans will always be together with BTS.

Who is most underrated in BTS?

Other fans say that Suga is the most underrated member of BTS. He’s a rapper and a producer; one fan stated that because of this, Suga is the most underrated member of the K-pop group.

Why does Jin have no lines in dynamite?

It’s because the members don’t have a say and they know it. Sometimes I wonder what those members especially the one who is in the center all the time think they see and hear themselves so much in the video but don’t see Jin towards the end of a song.

What is BTS motto in life?

Live your life. It’s yours anyway. Don’t try too hard. It’s okay to lose.


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