What is the purpose of Kathakali?

The purpose of Kathakali Theatre is to tell and honor stories through the medium of dance. It was traditionally used to perform the stories of Mahabharata and Ramayana, but Kathakali now performs a variety of stories.

What is the meaning of Kathakali dance?

Definition of kathakali – : a spectacular lyric dance drama of southern India based on Hindu literature and performed with acrobatic energy and highly stylized pantomime — compare bharata natya, kathak, manipuri.

How is Kathakali conveyed to the audience?

It is the dance drama from the south Indian state of Kerala. Similar to other Indian classical dance arts, the story in ‘Kathakali’ is also communicated to audience through excellent footwork and impressive gestures of face and hands complimented with music and vocal performance.

Why is Kathakali important in Kerala?

Famous around the world, Kathakali’s magnificence has won great admiration for the state of Kerala. Proud that this renowned artfrom originated, was originated from Kerala’s shores over 300 years ago. It combines devotion, drama, dance, music, costumes and make up into a divine experience for all who get to view it.

Is Kathakali a martial dance?

It is influenced by folk, tribal and martial traditions. Through it’s performances it celebrates martial arts, acrobatics and athletics. OPTION A – Kathakali is a very famous type of Classical Indian dance form. They are distinguished by their colourful make-up, costumes and face masks.

What are the stories based on Kathakali?

The most popular stories enacted are Nala Charitam (a story from the Mahabharata), Duryodhana Vadham (a story from the Mahabharata), Kalyanasowgandhikam (the story of Bhima going to get flowers for Panchali, from the Mahabharata), Keechaka Vadham (another story of Bhima and Panchali, from the Mahabharata), Kiratham (

Is Kathakali a ritual?

Kathakali (കഥകളി, pronounced [kat̪ʰəkaɭi]), a form of ritual dance drama, originated in the Southern Indian state of Kerala during the late sixteenth century.

What are the elements of Kathakali?

Kathakali is a blend of dance, music and acting and dramatizes stories, which are mostly adapted from the Indian epics. It is a stylised art form, the four aspects of abhinaya – angika, aharya,vachika, satvika and the nritta, nritya and natya aspects are combined perfectly.

Why is Kathakali famous in which state is famous?

The Correct Answer is Kerala. Kathakali is a classical dance form of Kerala. Kathakali is a blend of dance, music, and acting and dramatizes stories, which are mostly adapted from the Indian epics. The dancers enact the roles (kings, gods, demons etc.)

Who is the green character in Kathakali?

Pacha, The Gentle Kathakali Character – The Pacha (green) character usually represents pious, gentle and noble characters in the stories taken up for performance in Kathakali. This character type is identified by the unique facial make up.

Which is the most striking feature of the Kathakali dance form?

A striking feature of Kathakali is its body kinetics accompanied by movements of the facial muscles. No other dance form uses the movements of the eyebrows, the eyeballs and the lower eyelids, as described in the Nātya Shāstra, as does Kathakali. The face becomes a playground of various conflicting bhavas, or emotions.


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