What is the story behind the Jerusalema dance?

The song was released in 2019 but the dance element began in Angola in February 2019, where a dance troupe recorded themselves busting some moves to the song while eating their lunch. A viral sensation was born Even if it took a while for it to make its way here.

What is the origin of Jerusalema song?

“Jerusalema” is a song by South African DJ and record producer Master KG featuring South African vocalist Nomcebo. The upbeat gospel-influenced house song was initially released on 29 November 2019 after it garnered positive response online, with a music video following on 21 December.

Who is the owner of Jerusalema song?

While her haunting vocals on the global hit song Jerusalema continue to reverberate around the world, the South African singer Nomcebo Zikode claims she is yet to receive any money for her work.

Why is the song Jerusalema so popular?

Jerusalema went viral during the isolation and loss caused by COVID-19 lockdowns world-wide. It has resonated with people who may not understand the isiZulu lyrics, but understand its inherent religious theme, because of associations with the biblical city Jerusalem.

What year did the Jerusalema dance start?

The song was released in 2019 but the dance element began in Angola in February 2019, where a dance troupe recorded themselves busting some moves to the song while eating their lunch.

What language does Master KG speak?

He sings in his local language Khelobedu, a language spoken by Lobedu People. Master KG has performed in a number of other countries including Zambia.

Why do they dance with food in Jerusalema?

We wanted to show that it is possible to be happy, even with little, and in difficult times that we are going through with covid-19. We wanted to convey to people that even in this difficult time they can be happy, dancing and with the proper social detachment,” Maíza stressed.

Why is it called Jerusalema dance?

The magic isiZulu phrase “Jerusalema, ikhaya lami” (Jerusalem is my home) arose through their jamming. Then the Angolans provided an irresistible choreography, and the rest is history. The Angolan dance routine is both just repetitive enough to be picked up and just varied enough to tease.

What are the origins of Mbende?

Jerusarema/Mbende is believed to have originated as a war dance (Welsh-Asante, 2000;Owomoyela, 2002; Mataga, 2008) , fertility dance (UNESCO, 2016), hunting dance (Demissie, 2012) and funeral dance (Welsh-Asante, 2000;Turino, 2000).

What is the purpose of mbira dance?

Mbira dance is a characteristic, traditional ritual dance, accompanied by the mbira instrument. It is designed for specific occasions, usually religious in nature, and it is used to express the people. The Mbira dance is often used to lure spirits to come out through spirit mediums and communicate with the people.

How many dances are in Zimbabwe?

There are about 12 prominent traditional dances in Zimbabwe, namely Shangara, Mbira dance, Dinhe, Mbakumba, Muchongoyo, Jerusarema, Mhande, Isitschikitsha, Amabhiza, Ingquza, Chinyobera and Ngungu. The Jerusarema dance and the Muchongoyo are widely regarded as the most important and distinctive dances of Zimbabwe.

Is Jerusalema copyright free?

It is only at this point where the song is no longer under copyright protection and can now be exploited freely without the permission of the former copyright owner. Jerusalema is not in the public domain as may be assumed.

Why did Jerusalema go viral?

Like the revival of line dances during the Black Lives Matter protests, Jerusalema went viral during the coronavirus pandemic because the dance challenge enacted a simple way to connect and build community: especially at a time when people were hungering for these possibilities.


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