What Musicals Did Jerome Robbins Choreograph?

For the Broadway stage, Robbins choreographed a string of musicals, including Billion Dollar Baby (1946), High Button Shoes (1947), and Look Ma, I’m Dancin’ (1948). Robbins won the Antoinette Perry (Tony) Award for best choreographer in 1948 for High Button Shoes.

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What Broadway musical is jazz choreographer Jerome Robbins most known for?

Jerome Robbins was one of the 20th century’s most popular ballet and Broadway musical choreographers, known for gems like West Side Story and Fiddler on the Roof.

Which musical was inspired by Jerome Robbins ballet Fancy Free?

Fancy Free was the inspiration for a full-length musical, On the Town, that was also a great success, and Robbins and Bernstein went on to collaborate on another Broadway classic, West Side Story.

What is Jerome Robbins choreographic style?

A quick crash course in Jerome Robbins’ dance style: best known for his blend of musical theater and ballet styles, Robbins emphasized character work, relationships, and emotion in his dances. Above all, he wanted his choreography to be authentic and relevant.

What is Jerome Robbins best known for?

Robbins shared the Academy Award for Best Director with Robert Wise for the film version of West Side Story (1961). Robbins was only the second director to win the Academy Award for Best Director for a film debut (after Delbert Mann for Marty).

Who did the choreography for West Side Story 1961?

The movie, filled with exhilarating dance sequences choreographed by Jerome Robbins and memorable songs—including “Tonight,” “Maria,” and “Somewhere”—by Leonard Bernstein (music) and Stephen Sondheim (lyrics), won 10 of the 11 Academy Awards for which it was nominated, including that for best picture.

Who choreographed the pajama game?

The original Broadway production of The Pajama Game opened at the St. James Theatre May 13, 1954. The musical, directed by George Abbott and Jerome Robbins with choreography by Bob Fosse, played 1,063 performances before closing November 24, 1959.

What are 3 ballets that Jerome Robbins choreographed?

Robbins created many important ballets for NYCB, some of the earliest being The Cage (1951), Afternoon of a Faun (1953), and The Concert (1956). These innovative works display his gift for capturing the essence of a particular era through his mastery of vernacular dance styles and his understanding of gesture.

What did Agnes de Mille choreograph?

The recipient of many prizes and awards, de Mille continued to choreograph ballets for the American Ballet Theatre, including A Rose for Miss Emily (1971), Texas Fourth (1976), and The Informer (1988).

Why is jazz dance a uniquely American dance form?

Jazz dance paralleled the birth and spread of jazz itself from roots in Black American society and was popularized in ballrooms by the big bands of the swing era (1930s and ’40s). It radically altered the style of American and European stage and social dance in the 20th century.

Who was the first artistic director of the New York City Ballet?

The company, first named Ballet Society, was founded in 1946 by the choreographer George Balanchine (artistic director) and Lincoln Kirstein (general director) as a private subscription organization to promote lyric theatre.

Which of these musicals is the work of Stephen Sondheim?

Stephen Sondheim
GenresMusical theater

Did Lin Manuel Miranda do the choreography for Hamilton?

The award-winning show marks a reunion between Blankenbuehler and creator-star Lin-Manuel Miranda following Miranda’s first musical, “In the Heights.” After both taking home Tony Awards in 2008, Blankenbuehler went on to direct and choreograph “Bring It On: The Musical,” on which Miranda served as composer-lyricist.

What dance style is performed as part of Broadway shows?

Theatre tap (also called Broadway or Show Tap) is a much more presentational style of dance, and concerns itself with the aesthetics of the entire dancing body.

Who choreographed West Side Story and Fancy Free?

Let the show (and the dancing) go on! One of the most important choreographers of the 20th century, Jerome Robbins set himself apart with a style that combined classical and folklore, jazz and musical theatre.

Who wrote Rite of Spring?

Igor Stravinsky

What inspired Fancy Free?

Leonard Bernstein at 100

The plot of the 1944 musical comedy ON THE TOWN (not the music) was inspired by the ballet which had preceed it by nine months: FANCY FREE. 1944 was a big New York year in Leonard Bernstein’s composing life.

What is the ballet Fancy Free about?

Synopsis. The scene is a bar and the outside sidewalk in New York City, in wartime. Three sailors on liberty boisterously arrive, have a drink (two of their number conning the third into paying), and head outside looking for female companionship. A beautiful girl passes by and the three sailors vie for her attention.

Who wrote the music for On The Town?

Leonard Bernstein

What is a conditional ballad?

Basically, it’s where the two characters sing together, but don’t anticipate (or are totally against) falling in love.

How long is Fancy Free ballet?

Running Time: 31 minutes

The first ballet Jerome Robbins ever choreographed, Fancy Free is an American classic.

Who choreographed the 1957 West Side Story?

Jerome Robbins became famous as an innovative choreographer for Broadway musicals such as High Button Shoes (1947) and The King and I (1951). Other musicals included Peter Pan (1954) as well as the legendary West Side Story (1957) and Fiddler on the Roof (1964).

What style of dance is in Cool West Side Story?

Every single move in West Side Story reflected that reality. Ballet gave the choreography grace; jazz and genius gave it personality.

What did Jerome Robbins choreography West Side Story?

It’s not as if back stories weren’t important to Robbins, who conceived, directed and choreographed the stage musical. (He choreographed the 1961 film and directed it, with Robert Wise.) He wanted his actors and dancers to flesh out their characters’ pasts in order to give them greater dimension.

Who wrote West Side Story?

Arthur Laurents

Why did Jerome Robbins like making ballets?

He wanted them to look “real” despite their virtuosity, to see and react to the others onstage. If a plot was involved, he might want a dancer to know what his/her character had eaten for dinner the night before. Such desires influenced his choreographic style and the movements he chose.

Was Jerome Robbins a communist?

But in the midst of this success, Robbins found himself swept into the whirlwind of the McCarthy era and, as a former Communist, pressured by the FBI to name the names of party associates at hearings held by The House Committee on Un-American Activities.

Who is the original Phantom?

Michael Crawford was the original phantom back in 1986.

Who was the original cast of Phantom of the Opera?

CharacterOriginal West End castOriginal Broadway cast
The Phantom of the OperaMichael Crawford
Christine DaaéSarah Brightman Claire Moore†Sarah Brightman Patti Cohenour†
Raoul, Vicomte de ChagnySteve Barton
Carlotta GuidicelliRosemary AsheJudy Kaye

Is the Gillian Lynne story true?

The Remarkable Life of Gillian Lynne

Growing up in England in the 1930s, Gillian Lynne was 7-years old when her mother took her to the doctor because her school was concerned that she had a learning disorder. Unable to sit still, Gillian had earned the nickname Wriggle Bottom.

Where did Phantom of the Opera first play?

THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA had its world premiere on October 9, 1986 at Her Majesty’s Theatre in London, winning every major British theatre award including the Olivier and Evening Standard Awards.

Is Gillian Lynne dead?

July 1, 2018

Who is Gillian Lynne?

Gillian Lynne, a renowned British ballerina who, after turning to choreography, created the sinuous dances in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Cats,” which became the longest-running musical in London’s West End and on Broadway, died on Sunday in London.

How old is Gillian Lynne?

92 years (1926–2018)

Where did Gillian Lynne train?

Her father had read in Picture Post about the Cone Ripman school, later renamed the Arts Educational, and suggested she go there to learn to dance and act. She auditioned, and won a scholarship. By the age of 16, Lynne was dancing the Swan Queen at the People’s Palace in Mile End.

How did Gillian Lynne start dancing?

A seminal influence on British dance and musical theatre, Dame Gillian Lynne started her career in 1942 at age 16 before joining the Sadler’s Wells Ballet Company in 1944 where she became a soloist performing at the newly opened Covent Garden Opera House as detailed in her autobiography A Dancer in Wartime.

Where was Gillian Lynne born?

Bromley, United Kingdom

Who choreographed steam heat?

The “Steam Heat” number in The Pajama Game would make stage musical history by introducing the signature style of choreographer Bob Fosse.

What is the shortest running Broadway show?

1.A Broadway Musical14
1.A Teaspoon Every Four Hours97
1.Blood Red Roses20

Who played Babe Williams on Broadway?

The Pajama Game starred Eddie Foy, Jr. as Hines, Janis Paige as Babe Williams, John Raitt as Sid Sorokin, Marion Colby as Brenda, Ralph Dunn as Hasler, Carol Haney as Gladys, Thelma Pelish as Mae, Stanley Prager as Prez, Reta Shaw as Mabel, Ralph Chambers as Charlie, and William David as Pop.

Who danced steam heat in pajama?

Buzz Miller, the former Broadway dancer who strutted to “Steam Heat” in the Broadway musical, The Pajama Game, died Feb. 23 in Manhattan, according to the New York Times. He was 75.

Who played opposite Doris Day in The Pajama Game?

Doris Day and John Raitt star in this breezy version of the 50s stage smash.

Did Frank Sinatra star in The Pajama Game?

For The Pajama Game (1957), the initial plan was to cast Frank Sinatra as Sid, pairing him with Janis Paige, who played Babe on Broadway. When Sinatra turned down the role, Warners decided to retain John Raitt from the stage version, playing opposite the studio’s resident nightingale, Doris Day.

Who choreographed Hamilton the musical?

‘Hamilton’ choreographer Andy Blankenbuehler delivers a revolution that rocks. Democracy in action has never looked cooler than in “Hamilton,” in which the fighting strength of people who changed the world comes through in the tension and bravado of the choreography.

Who choreographed the dream ballet in Oklahoma?

When Rodgers & Hammerstein’s “Oklahoma!” was first unveiled in 1943, its dream ballet, masterminded by the choreographer Agnes de Mille, was a game changer.

Who choreographed Rodeo?

Rodeo is a ballet composed by Aaron Copland and choreographed by Agnes de Mille, which premiered in 1942.

Who choreographed Motown routines?

Cholly Atkins, 89; Tap Dancer, Motown Stars’ Choreographer”.

Who choreographed the movie Oklahoma?

None of them were in the movie so I did not see the movie until many years later. What attracted me to watching the movie this month was that it is one of the few examples of Agnes de Mille’s choreography that we can see today.

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