What place is Ruby in dance competition?

New Level placement based on simple point system for each dancer: Sapphire = 1 point; Ruby = 2 points; Diamond = 3 points. IV. Scoring Within Each Level of Competition is Awarded As Follows: Elite (294-300); Platinum (282-293.9); High Gold (270- 281.9); and Gold (255-269.9).

What is the highest award in dance competition?

High Gold269-284.9
High Silver252.9 & Under

What are the levels of dance awards?

High Gold276-290
High Silver246-260

Is Platinum better than Elite Gold?

Platinum is awarded to groups earning 285-300 points, High gold for 270-284 points, gold for255-269 points and high silver for 240-254 points. More importantly, while the judges watch the girls perform, they are each speaking into a microphone, giving corrections, suggestions and praise about the performance.

How do you win the first place in a dance competition?

  1. #1. Clean lines (costumes and choreography)
  2. #2. Take ballet seriously.
  3. #3. Get grounded.
  4. #4. Performance quality.
  5. #5. Eye Contact (with judges)
  6. #6. Know your level.
  7. #7. Watch each other.
  8. #8. Crowd energy.

How do you stay calm in a dance competition?

  1. Take slow, deep breaths. When adrenaline is released in your body, breathing rate and heart rate increase.
  2. Step away and take a moment for yourself.
  3. Get perspective.
  4. Remind yourself why you dance.
  5. Give yourself permission to be human.

How do you get better dance lines?

Improve Your Leg Lines and Avoid Injury in Ballet Fitness – YouTube

What percent of dancers become professional?

About 3 percent of the people that go to dancing actually become professional dancers,” said Lythgoe, who began his career as a dancer before graduating to choreography, directing, and producing. “People do give up, and they shouldn’t.”

What place is Elite Gold?

Each judge is allocated 100 points. Platinum, Gold, and Silver Award Pins will be awarded based on the combined scores from three judges as follows: Elite Platinum — 293-300 points, Platinum — 285-292.9 points, Elite Gold — 279-284.9 points, Gold — 270-278.9 points, Elite Silver — 269.9 points or lower.


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