What style of dance did Mary Wigman do?

Mary Wigman, original name Marie Wiegmann, (born November 13, 1886, Hanover, Germany—died September 18, 1973, West Berlin), German dancer, a pioneer of the modern expressive dance as developed in central Europe.

How did Mary Wigman influence dance?

With dancers from the school Wigman toured extensively performing group and solo works throughout Europe. In her artistic journey Wigman explored the balance of narrative and abstraction thus plotting the expressive human form through space, and creating a nuanced tome in the language of dance.

Who was the pioneer of modern dance discuss briefly his her life as a dancer and choreographer and artistic works?

Martha Graham
MovementModern dance
Spouse(s)Erick Hawkins ​ ( m. 1948⁠–⁠1954)​

What influenced Mary Wigman?

During a visit to Amsterdam she attended a dance performance by students of Emile Jaques-Dalcroze, originator of the system of musical instruction known as eurythmics. The experience instilled in Wigman an awareness of dance as an expression of life.

Why did Mary Wigman use masks?

Wigman used a mask and cloak to cover her body, for the most part allowing only her hands and feet to emerge.

What specific century does the fused techniques of social dance ballet and modern dance?

Preceded by RomanticismFollowed by Post-modernism

Where did Mary Wigman study dance?

Died 18 September 1973 in West Berlin, Germany. German modern dance pioneer Mary Wigman had little formal dance training before she attended the Dalcroze School at the age of twenty-three. She studied there for two years, obtaining a teaching certificate prior to leaving in 1912.


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