What type of dance does Nia do in Dance Moms?

ShowSeason 6
EpisodeDance Name Song Name(s)Dance Style
Nia Saves The DayGrifters The StickupContemporary Jazz
Melissa’s AnnouncementThe Long Goodbye Wasting AwayOpen
Mommy MeltdownPop Stars I’m Gonna Be a PopstarJazz

Does Nia from Dance Moms have a disability?


What was Nia diagnosed with?

Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as a child, Nia Kay didn’t let T1D stop her journey to stardom.

What does NIA Sioux have?

But what they didn’t know is that Sioux had a real disadvantage that her fellow dancers on the show didn’t have to contend with. “The summer before the show came, I was diagnosed with RND [Reflex neurovascular dystrophy], which is a pain management disorder,” she revealed in an interview with YSBnow.

When did Nia start dancing?

She began dancing at the young age of 3. Nia mostly danced contemporary and musical theater numbers during her time at the Abby Lee Dance Company. Nia is also a gifted singer and has been in several viral videos.

Does Nia from Dance Moms still dance?

It has been about three and a half years since Nia Sioux took her final bow on Dance Moms, but that doesn’t mean she has completely left the show behind. The dancer opened up recently to Entertainment Tonight about the show’s continuing effect on her and how she looks back on it now.

What is Nia Sioux known for?

She’s a YouTuber. – Nia posts videos about fashion and music, and she’s known for some pretty epic unboxings. She also gets real AF about her time on Dance Moms (she even recently visited the ALDC studio!). This content is imported from youTube.

What is Nia Sioux favorite color?

Nia Sioux on Instagram: “tell me your favorite color is pink without telling me your favorite color is pink i’ll go first”


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