What type of dancing does Matt Steffanina do?

His main style combines many different forms of hip hop: popping, waving, gliding, krumping, and breaking. Matt’s dance style is mostly on Hip-Hop and break dancing but he still loves to learn other styles of dance. He has taken classes in Orlando, New York, Los Angeles and he spent a month in China.

What type of dancer is Matt Steffanina?

Matt grew up in a small town Virginia and started dancing as a bboy at age 18. His interest quickly spread to hip hop and after winning a local talent competition, he was offered the head choreographer position for the University of Virginia hip hop dance crew.

How did Matt Steffanina learn to dance?

Choreographer, Producer, & Entrepreneur. – Matt grew up in Virginia as a competitive snowboarder, but at age 17, he found an interest in hip hop dance and DJ’ing. He began learning by watching music videos and eventually got invited to audition for a local dance crew.

Who does Matt Steffanina dance with?

Dana Borriello and Matt Steffanina are a team of Engaged Choreographers and the Official Winners of The Amazing Race 28.

Did Matt and Dana break up?

Dana Borriello and Matt Steffanina, Season 28 – Sadly, they called it quits in 2016. Dana posted about the split on Instagram, saying she was “devastated” after Matt “left me several weeks ago.” While currently single, the two have continued their dance careers at full force.

Did the dancers from Amazing Race get married?

Kim & Penn Holderness. The married YouTube personalities won season 33, which aired in March 2022. The couple share daughter Lola and son Penn Charles.


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