When did Nia start dancing?

She began dancing at the young age of 3. Nia mostly danced contemporary and musical theater numbers during her time at the Abby Lee Dance Company. Nia is also a gifted singer and has been in several viral videos.

When did Nia Sioux stop dancing?

In the fall of 2020, Nia will be attending college at the University of California, Los Angeles. This makes her the 4th original Dance Moms dancer to go to college. After Season 7B of “Dance Moms” ended Nia left ALDC and switched to Dance Mechanics.

Why was Nia in a wheelchair Dance Moms?

Four years ago, she was diagnosed with reflex neurovascular dystrophy, a condition in which pain symptoms are greatly magnified. Her mother says the Children’s Institute turned her daughter’s life around. “Nia couldn’t walk,” says Holly Hatcher-Frazier. “She was in a wheelchair.

When did Nia join the ALDC?

They joined the ALDC in season 8.

What place did Nia get at nationals?

Abby did allow Nia to perform a solo in the teen division and even with her music skipping, she secured second place like Maddie.

How did Nia become famous?

After gaining attention for her spunky personality and knack for style, Mai became an entertainment reporter and producer of the WB’s “Daily Mixx”. In 2005, Mai landed her first primetime hosting role on Character Fantasy (2006) on the USA Network, where she inspired guests each week to live their fantasies.


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