When was the Copperhead Road dance created?

Following its 1988 release, Steve Earle’s “Copperhead Road” became an unexpected line-dancing phenomenon. “I wasn’t even aware of [it] until long after I got out of jail,” the singer-songwriter once said. “The line dance has survived.

What year did Copperhead Road come out?


Why is it called Copperhead Road?

Copperhead Road was the name of a road near Mountain City in Johnson County, Tennessee. The road’s official name has been changed to Copperhead Hollow Road because the road signs kept getting stolen.

What is Copperhead mean?

Definition of copperhead – 1 : a common pit viper (Agkistrodon contortrix) of the eastern and central U.S. usually having a copper-colored head and often a reddish-brown hourglass pattern on the body. 2 disapproving : a person in the northern states who sympathized with the South during the American Civil War.

Did Steve Earle serve in Vietnam?

Earle was opposed to the Vietnam war as he recalled in 2012: “The anti-war movement was a very personal thing for me. I didn’t finish high school, so I wasn’t a candidate for a student deferment.

Is Copperhead Road a true story?

The 1989 Steve Earle hit, “Copperhead Road” was inspired by true events on an actual road near Mountain City in Johnson County. The song deals with moonshine running in Johnson County, and the danger and heritage that come with it.

Is there bagpipes in Copperhead Road?

Not only are the lyrics and story of the song influenced by the Scots Irish but the intro to the song uses a keyboard to imitate the sound of a bagpipe. The “drone” sound continues throughout the song; a key feature in Scottish pipe and fiddle music.

Is Copperhead Road a movie?

Is Copperhead Road a movie? Based on a nationally publicized true story, Copperhead Road is a deeply affecting, no-holds-barred depiction of a drunken woman’s nightmarish, post-New Year’s Eve Party run-in with a sociop… Read all.

Who remade Copperhead Road?

TitlePerformerRelease date
Copperhead RoadSteve Earle1988
Copperhead RoadJerry Adams [US2]July 1995
Copperhead RoadWil Gravatt1998
Copperhead RoadBilly BurnetteMarch 23, 1999

Who played drums on copperhead?

Jerry DouglasDobro
Steve EarleBass, Composer, Guitar (Electric), Harmonica, Mandolin, Primary Artist, Producer, Vocals
James FearnleyAccordion

Why is Copperhead Road so famous?

It was released in 1988 as the first single and title track from his third studio album of the same name. The song reached number 10 on the U.S. Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks chart, and was Earle’s highest-peaking song to date on that chart in the United States.

What is the history of Copperhead Road?

Songfacts: – Copperhead Road is a real road in East Tennessee where moonshine was made and two generations later, marijuana was grown. The song tells the story of a soldier who returns home from Vietnam and starts trafficking marijuana.

How many counts is Copperhead Road?

4 kicks forward: Right Kick, stomp, Left kick, stomp, Right Kick, stomp, Left kick, stomp, Counts 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.

What is cowboy dancing called?

Many different dances are done to country-western music. These dances include: Two Step, Waltz, Cowboy or Traveling Cha Cha, Polka Ten Step (also known as Ten Step Polka), Schottische, and other Western promenade dances, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, and Nightclub Two Step.

Is there a line dance for Copperhead Road?

Learn how to line dance – Copperhead Road Line Dance

Where did line dancing originated?

While many believe that the start of line dancing can be traced back to the round and square dances of Europe, others would argue that it is a contemporary phenomenon only starting as early as the 1970s.

Who invented the Electric Slide?

The Electric (better known as The Electric Slide) is a four wall line dance set to Marcia Griffiths and Bunny Wailer’s song “Electric Boogie”. Choreographer, pianist and Broadway performer Richard L. “Ric” Silver created the dance in 1976 from a demo of the Bunny Wailer recording.

What is the name of the country song everyone’s dancing to?

Blanco Brown’s The Git Up song has taken the world by storm! The viral track was shared on April 26, 2019 via SoundCloud, along with a social video of Blanco performing the dance.

Is country line dancing a good workout?

Upbeat music, good workout – Her DVD, “Country Line Dance Party,” is an aerobics workout carved from its signature shuffles, kicks and stomps. “The music’s upbeat. The workout burns kilojoules and strengthens the core, legs, and hamstrings,” she said. “And you can take it down a level to keep it low impact.”


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