Where are square dances performed?

In North America, square dancing is regarded as a social dance, closely associated with the country’s southern and western regions. It is the official state dance of Colorado, Massachusetts, and over 20 other states.

Where is square dancing most popular?

While traditional European form received much attention in the past, the modern audiences have accepted that the most popular form of square dance originates in the western United States and is closely connected with the culture of Cowboys and the country-western lifestyle.

What country is square dance from?

Square dances were first documented in 16th-century England although their origins can be traced further back to steps and figures used in traditional folk dances and social dances from many countries.

What is the official dance of Florida?

740 (HCR740), designating the square dance the official American folk dance of the State of Florida, in the 1986 Journal of the Florida House of Representatives and the 1986 Journal of the Senate .

What is the state dance for Mississippi?

The dance known as the square dance is hereby designated and adopted as the American folk dance of the State of Mississippi. Sources: Laws, 1995, ch. 303, § 1, eff from and after July 1, 1995.

What is the most common state dance?

  • Swing Dancing.
  • Tap Dancing.
  • Square Dancing.
  • Breakdancing.



Rolling in the Deep

Geometric Dances, Square Dance Performed by CCS Middle School Honor Orchestra

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