Where did the spooky month dance come from?

The first person who coined the name and popularized the dance move is Sr Pelo in October of 2018, who publicly demonstrated the move and even gave clear instructions on how to achieve the Spooky Month Dance.

What is spooky month based on?

PUMP!An annual Halloween series made by Sr. Pelo, Spooky Month follows the misadventures of Skid and Pump, two hyperactive and Halloween-obsessed children who regularly venture out into the night to enjoy the titular Spooky Month – even if it isn’t October.

When did Sr Pelo make the Spooky Month?

He joined YouTube on May 30, 2008, but did not start posting videos until August 9, 2011. The very first video he posted was about rage comics, animations, and other internet fads.

Where did skid and pump come from?

Skid and Pump originate from the Spooky Month web series created by Sr Pelo, a series of annual Halloween-themed videos that started in October 2018.

Who made the spooky month?

Spooky Month is a Newgrounds and Youtube series made by Sr. Pelo.

What is the name of Skid mom?

Lila is a recurring character in the series since she is the mother of Skid.

Who is pump’s sister spooky month?

Debut. Susie Wonder is the sister of Pump and granddaughter of Mr Wonder. She is the oldest child and only daughter in the Wonder family.

How do you dance the spooky dance?

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How do you move like a skeleton?

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How do you do Spooky Scary Skeletons dance Tiktok?

TikTok Dance Tutorial 9 | Spooky, Scary Skeletons – YouTube

How do you make a dance skeleton?

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