Where is the next step dance studio set?

The Next Step is filmed at Filmport Presentation Centre, Toronto. Exterior and street shots were shot on location in Downtown Toronto. Locations include Dundas Street, Front Street, Jarvis Street, University Avenue, and Yonge Street. The exterior shots posing as The Next Step studio are from Colborne Street.

Is The Next Step dance studio a real studio?

The Canadian show takes place in the fictional Next Step Dance Studio, run by Wasylenko’s character Kate, as students jockey to join the elite A-troupe and win regional and national competitions.

Was The Next Step Cancelled?

On April 11th, 2022, CBBC confirmed that The Next Step is finally renewed for season 8. In a teaser video posted to the CBBC website, Alexandra Chaves, who plays Piper, excitedly revealed that another season is officially on its way.

How old is Richelle In The Next Step?

TitleWorld of Dance
NotesContestant: 5th place

Why did Josh leave The Next Step?

Season 6. According to Piper, Josh has left The Next Step Dance Studio after having qualified for Regionals.

How old is Michelle in The Next Step Season 1?

The oldest is Bree Wasylenco ( Miss Kate ) 27 years old The youngest is Logan Fabbro ( Amanda ) 17 years old and Victoria Baldesarra ( Michelle ) 17 years old.

Why does Noah leave The Next Step?

Upon hearing Emily and Michelle arguing over changing the date of the dance battle, Noah realizes what is wrong; he notifies Emily that he will be quitting TNS East and joining TNS West where he believes he belongs.

What age is The Next Step aimed at?

I think it is a good show for tweens and teens 10 and up. It has some quirky love stories between people and has alot of positive messages. I recomend it for girls and boys really interested in Dancing.

When was The Next Step Season 2 filmed?

Previous seasonNext season
Season 1Season 3

Do The Next Step dancers go to school?

It is heavily noted that almost every A-Troupe member attends school, until they leave The Next Step Dance Studio.

Is The Next Step set in Canada?

History. Although never explicitly confirmed, Canada is the main setting of The Next Step. Canadian vernacular is used extensively by the main characters, most notably Josh, who has a very thick stereotypically rural Canadian accent.

Is The Next Step real or acting?

THE NEXT STEP is a scripted drama series filmed like a reality show, with a constant back-and-forth between observational segments and tell-all confessionals with individual characters.

Are the dance competitions on The Next Step real?

Absolute Dance Nationals (or simply Nationals) is a dance competition that involves the winners of a countries respective Absolute Dance Regionals competitions, broadcasted by the fictional SNR Network, in which studios within a single country compete for a national title, as well as a chance to go to Absolute Dance

Who is the studio head of The Next Step?

Although Nick is merely the studio owner and Emily is his studio head, he often assumes an authoritative role with the dancers, much like Kate in Seasons 1, 2 and 3. Eventually, Emily chooses to leave The Next Step to create a dance tour with Michelle, leaving Nick as the studio’s sole faculty member.

How old is piper in The Next Step?

Alexandra Chaves
Born2001 (age 20–21) Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
EducationSt. Benedict Catholic Secondary School
OccupationActress dancer
TelevisionThe Next Step

Why did Riley leave next step?

Riley was attacked by a chicken when she was younger, resulting in her ongoing alektorophobia. A young Riley dances on-stage. Riley used to play baseball, but eventually quit after choosing dance over it.

Was Margie real in The Next Step?

As the two dance in the studio, Margie spontaneously vanishes into a cloud of sparkles, contributing to the theory that Margie was Chloe’s guardian angel rather than a real person.

Are Jacquie and Davis actually sisters?

Personal life. Dylan is the second of three children. She is the real-life younger sister of Berkeley Ratzlaff, who portrays Davis.

How tall is Cassie from The Next Step?

Modeling information
Height1.69 m (5 ft 7 in)
Eye colorBrown

Was The Next Step Season 4 filmed in London?

First appearanceLast appearance
“Runaway”“Taking Care of Business”

Where is Dushanes flat?

Speaking of pricey apartments, Dushane’s plush new pad is near Hoxton. “It’s meant to symbolise a swanky loft apartment that you see everywhere nowadays in East London,” explains Flind.

Did they actually go to London in The Next Step?

Was the scenes in london actually filmed in london? — The outside scenes were, yes!

Will there be a season 9 of The Next Step?

Fanfiction:Season 9 (The Next Step:New Starts)/Changes. “Changes” is the first episode of Season 9 of The Next Step and 181st Overall.

Where is you filming in London?

Filming for the new episodes it taking place right now, with Penn Badgley being spotted at Royal Holloway, University of London, in Egham in the last week.

Will The Next Step – Season 7 be on Netflix?

Currently you are able to watch “The Next Step – Season 7” streaming on Netflix, Netflix Kids.

Who is in a troupe season 4?

“Season four of The Next Step welcomes a new group of talented young dancers including Giuseppe Bausilio as Alfie; Alexandra Chaves as Piper; Erika Prevost as Sloane; Akiel Julien as LaTroy; Isaiah Peck as Henry; Shelby Bain as Amy; and Allie Goodbun as Cassie.

When was the next step Season 5 filmed?

Season 5 was confirmed by Frank van Keeken on March 21, 2016. Filming began on June 15, 2016. This season consists of 20 episodes. It premiered on May 26, 2017 and ended on August 11, 2017 for the mid-season break.


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