Which K-Pop group has the best dancers?

  • BTS. OK no, they’re not new—they’ve been putting out hits since 2013—but it’s impossible to talk K-pop without mentioning the boys of BTS: V, RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, and Jungkook.
  • Red Velvet.
  • Twice.
  • Seventeen.
  • Astro.
  • Monsta X.
  • TXT.

Who is the most famous K pop dancer?

K-pop idols like Yunho, Lisa, Jimin, Lee Taemin, and Zelo are just some of the best K-pop dancers in history.

Who is the best dancer in K-pop 2020?

  1. EXO’s Kai and TWICE’s Momo.
  2. SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi.
  3. SHINee’s Taemin and BTS Jimin.
  4. SUPER JUNIOR’s Eunhyuk and BTS’ J-Hope.
  5. AB6IX’ Park Woojin.

Who is the best dancer of BTS?

1. j-hope. J-hope had already made a name for himself as a dancer before joining BTS.

Who is a better dancer Lisa or Momo?

As the ratings stated above we can see that Lisa is a better dancer than Momo. If you take it into categories: musicality (the way your body move through the music) , fluidity (smoothness), versatility (can do any dance genre), expression and energy, Lisa got it all.

Who is the dancing queen of Kpop?

Known as the best dancer in Girls’ Generation, Hyoyeon moves her body so easily she makes it seem like everyone can do it! She is frequently referred to as the dancing queen of K-Pop and it’s easy to see why!

Who’s the fastest rapper in K-pop?

Changbin, of JYP Entertainment’s boy group Stray Kids, ranks at #1 with 11.13 syllables per second. Seo Changbin is a 22-year-old rapper and vocalist for Stray Kids.

Who is the best dancer in K-pop 2021?

  • J-Hope BTS – 89,721 Votes.
  • Jungkook BTS -22,456 Votes.
  • Hyunjin STRAY KIDS – 2,063 Votes.
  • Lee Know STRAY KIDS – 1,612 Votes.
  • Taemin Shinee – 1,494 Votes.
  • Yeonjun TXT – 958 Votes.
  • Taeyong NCT – 584 Votes.
  • Hoshi Seventeen – 530 Votes.

Who is South Korea’s best dancer?

1. Kai (EXO) Kai’s skills in dancing are acknowledged by fans and non-fans alike.

What is the hardest choreography in K-pop?

BTS is known for its complex dance moves in almost all music videos. Their dance breaks are extremely synchronised and the moves themselves are very hard to execute, but in true BTS fashion, they always pull it off very naturally. Blood, Sweat and Tears however are the most complex of all due to all the formations.

Which Kpop group has best dance choreography?

  • NCT 127 – KICK IT.

Which K-pop group has the best lightstick?

  1. SHINee (Shating Star) Photo: SM Entertainment.
  2. Day6. Photo: JYP Entertainment.
  3. MONSTA X (MONDOONGIE) Photo: Starship Entertainment.
  4. Seventeen (Carat Bong)
  5. Stray Kids.
  6. VIXX.
  7. BLACKPINK (“BI-ping-bong”)
  8. OH MY GIRL.

Who is the dance king in K-pop?

1) BTS’ J-Hope – The K-pop idol has won a myriad of trophies for his skills in local dance battles in his hometown of Gwangju. He also won a national dance competition in 2008. J-Hope is the unanimously appointed dance leader of BTS, always looking out for the other members to make sure their performances are tip-top.

Which group has hardest choreography?

Originally Answered: Which Kpop group has the hardest choreography? I think that each k-pop group has had that certain dance that is hard and has really difficult choreography but if I had to choose a group that has had continuously hard choreography and not just for one dance, I’d say BTS.

Who are the fastest female rappers in K-pop?

Soyeon belongs to the girl group (G)I-DLE and she is the main rapper of the group. Many fans and lovers of K-Pop also believe that she is the fastest rapper. She received 916605 upvotes and 96359 downvotes on the poll. In addition to rapping, Soyeon is also a brilliant dancer in the group.

Which K-pop group has the easiest choreography?

  • Seventeen. Easiest: Pretty U.
  • Black Pink. Easiest: Playing with Fire.
  • GOT7. Easiest: Just Right.
  • GFriend. Easiest: Sunny Summer.
  • TWICE. Easiest: TT.
  • NCT 127. Easiest: Touch.
  • Red Velvet. Easiest: Happiness.
  • EXO. Easiest: The Eve.

Which Kpop group has the best dancers female?

1. CLC. Looking back on their past choreographies, it is no secret that CLC has always flaunted flawless moves in absolute sync. Fierce and vibrant, we never get enough of watching them perform, and we’re tempted to dance along as well!

Who’s the best dancer in K-pop 2022?

BTS’s Jimin starts 2022 on a high note after setting several KDOL records and being crowned ‘Best K-pop Dancer 2021’ It is just the first day of 2022, and Jimin has sauntered into the new year with multiple recent achievements and records under his belt already, just seconds into the new year.

What is the best dancing Kpop boy group?

  • U-KISS.
  • VAV.
  • Vixx.
  • Wanna One.
  • Winner.
  • 14U.
  • UP10TION.
  • Victon.

Which K-Pop group has the best vocals?

  • Red Velvet’s Wendy, Seulgi, and Joy.
  • EXO’s D.O., Chen, Baekhyun and Xiumin.
  • BtoB’s Eunkwang, Changsub, Sungjae, and Hyunsik.
  • SHINee.
  • Girls’ Generation.
  • Super Junior Kyuhyun, Yesung, and Ryeowook.


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