Who does Matt Steffanina dance with?

Dana Borriello and Matt Steffanina are a team of Engaged Choreographers and the Official Winners of The Amazing Race 28.

What dance crew is Bailey Sok in?

She began dancing at the age of 2.5- 3 years old. Bailey is in the dance crew Srank. Bailey won the Rising Star Of the Year Award at the Arena Award’s 2019.

Did Bailey Sok join Kinjaz?

Year joined – Bailey Sok is a dancer and choreographer for S-rank. S rank is led by Melvin Timtim the former lead choreographer for the Chapkis Dance Family. Bailey Sok is an up and coming dancer and sure to be part of the best of the next generation of dancers to come.

Who choreographed Savage Aespa?

Bailey Sok’s Choreography for aespa ‘Savage’ – YouTube

Who did Bailey Sok train with?

Learn From Bailey Sok’s Dance Class Instructors – All dancers are shaped and molded by their mentors, so taking classes from Bailey’s mentors will get you one step closer to dancing like Bailey herself! During her teen years, Bailey spent a lot of time training with Melvin Timtim and his team, S-Rank.

Who choreographed red velvet’s psycho?

The music video was choreographed by Mina Myoung of 1MILLION and Bailey Sok.

Who is Melvin Timtim?

Melvin Timtim, choreographer and director of hip hop dance crew S-Rank, is nominated for this year’s Outstanding Choreography Emmy for his work on World of Dance.

Where did Bailey Sok grow up?

Born in 2004 in California, Bailey grew up in a large family and her mother is of Korean origin (she has once won a Miss Korea title). Dancing has been a true passion for Bailey since her early ages and she used to take part in various competitions when she was only 6 years old.

Who is Molly Long?

Molly Long is the rare prodigy who grew up to be even more brilliant. At the ripe old age of 16, Long took charge of the minis at her home studio, Dance Precisions, in Southern California, leading the team to big wins at Nationals. It wasn’t long before she was traveling the country to choreograph and teach.

What type of dancing does Matt Steffanina do?

His main style combines many different forms of hip hop: popping, waving, gliding, krumping, and breaking. Matt’s dance style is mostly on Hip-Hop and break dancing but he still loves to learn other styles of dance. He has taken classes in Orlando, New York, Los Angeles and he spent a month in China.

Where is Matt Steffanina based?

Choreographer, Producer, & Entrepreneur. – Over the next few years, he built his name in the east coast choreography scene, taught dance workshops and DJ’d events. In 2010 he packed up his Honda Civic and drove 40 hours cross-country and moved to Los Angeles.

Where does JoJo Gomez teach?

JoJo teaches regularly in Los Angeles at (MDC) Millenium Dance Complex and EDGE Performing Arts Center. She has also taught Master Classes at various Millenium locations including MDC Orange Country, MDC Dallas, MDC Salt Lake City, and MDC Denver where she is also one of the official Studio Mentors.

How long was Matt Steffanina dancing?

Matt: I started dancing when I was 18. At the time, I was training to be a professional snowboarder so I spent a lot of time at a gymnastics center working on tricks.


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