Who has played at the Broken Spoke?

Since then, the stage at the Spoke has hosted the likes of Bob Wills, Dolly Parton, Ernest Tubb, Ray Price, Marcia Ball, Pauline Reese, Roy Acuff, Kris Kristofferson, George Strait, Willie Nelson, Jerry Jeff Walker, Asleep at the Wheel, and the late, great Kitty Wells.

Who sings at Broken Spoke?

You can see talented musicians every night the Spoke is open such as Dale Watson, Alvin Crow, the Derailers, Jason Roberts, Wagoneers w/ Monte Warden, Gary P. Nunn, Billy Mata, Weldon Henson, Johnny McGowan, Darrell Goldman, Tylor Brandon and many more.

What do you wear to a Broken Spoke?

Anything goes, but jeans and cowboy boots are right at home. You can go “preppy”, but you will look like a dumb tourist. over a year ago.

When was the Broken Spoke built?

James and Annetta White opened the Broken Spoke in 1964, then a mile south of the Austin city limits, under a massive live oak, and beside what would eventually become South Lamar Boulevard.

Did George Strait play at the Broken Spoke?

The Broken Spoke has been an Austin institution for over 57 years. You’ll find all kinds of tributes to the artists who have performed there over the years like George Strait, Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton, and more. See pictures and learn more about what’s gone down over at the Spoke throughout the years right here.

Was Pure Country filmed at the Broken Spoke?

Though none of the film was shot in Austin, the Broken Spoke features a museum (lovingly called “The Tourist Trap”) that includes some George Strait artifacts as well as a bathroom that is Strait up awesome. George has given the Spoke a shout-our every time we’ve seen him play in Austin.

Does George Strait have a restaurant?

The country-music duo will open a restaurant and club in Nashville dubbed FGL House. A four-story entertainment center, the building stands on 3rd Avenue South and will feature live music and a rooftop bar.

What movies has the Broken Spoke been in?

Nelson filmed parts of his movie Honeysuckle Rose (1980) there, and the Dolly Parton–Gary Busey film Wild Texas Wind (1991), featuring Broken Spoke mainstay Asleep at the Wheel, was partly filmed there. The Spoke is also known for showcasing young Texas country talent.

Does Broken Spoke have a cover?

The cover is very reasonable, the experience outstanding! over a year ago. Yes, $20.00per person for dance lessons, from a rude condescending witch, it was a rip off. I was with a group of 5 people, only 4 were taking dance lessons.

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