Who invented dabbing dance?

Back in October, Cam Newton sparked a nationwide dance craze by hitting the ‘Dab’ to celebrate first downs and touchdowns. Though the dance was created by rap group Migos, and first introduced to the NFL by Bengals running back Jeremy Hill, Newton is widely credited for making the dance popular.

Where did dab dance come from?

The dab dance is believed to have originated from Atlanta among a group of rappers known as Migos, who are no strangers to Marijuana. Other artists popularised the dance move by featuring it in their music videos and it was soon picked up by American football player Cam Newton.

Did Usain Bolt invent dab?

The origin of Usain Bolt’s victory pose – YouTube

Is the dab offensive?

As we believe that the dab is a rude gesture, we use it as a mean to offend someone in upsetting situations. The meaning of a gesture is also context and location specific, dabbing in Fifa is not the same as dabbing somewhere else.

Why is dabbing illegal in Saudi?

The Saudi Interior Ministry’s National Commission for Combating Drugs recently banned the move because they consider it to refer to marijuana use. A poster published by the ministry depicting dabbing warns “people about the dangers of this [move] on the youth and society, and is warning against imitating it”.

When was the DAB dance invented?

From dance move to meme, let’s discuss the dab. Originating from the hip-hop scene in Atlanta, the dab became mainstream popular after some professional football players adopted it as a celebratory gesture during games in August 2015.


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