Who is Kalani hilliker real dad?

What happened to Kalani’s mom?

Kalani’s mom ran her own dance studio in Arizona before they made the move to the East coast to join the ALDC team. Kira is also the mother of two sons: Jax, born in 2007, and Jett, born in 2015. She’s engaged to Arizona real estate mogul David Newman.

Do Kalani’s parents live together?

They had another son named Kennedy in 2019, and the couple was married in September 2018. Despite being married, these two have had their fair share of marital problems, that’s for sure. The little family currently resides in Utah.

Are Kalani’s parents Mormon?

Kalani’s family, who raised her as Mormon, was highly suspicious of her new relationship. Though she has remained close to her family despite them meddling with her relationship, Kalani left the Mormon church and has moved on from her conservation upbringing.

Is Kalani full Samoan?

“You need to make some changes because I’m a Samoan man, you half Samoan, and our family, Samoa family,” he said. But Kalani again disagreed. “Your wife is American, your kids are American, and if you still want to be a part of our lives, then you need to adapt to life here,” she told him.

How old was Kiara when she had Kalani?

Kira fell pregnant with Kalani at 18 and later gave birth to her a few months after turning 19. Her hobbies and interests besides dance are hiking, doing things outdoors, spending time with the kids, and going to the beach.

What is Kalani sister name?

Things are not looking great when it comes to Kalani and Asuelu’s marriage. In this exclusive clip from Sunday’s 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, Kalani tells her sister, Kolini, that she and Asuelu no longer even sleep in the same room together.

Is Kira still married to David?

Kira Hilliker was born on August 4, 1981 in Gilbert, Arizona, USA. She is an actress, known for Todrick Hall Feat. Abby Lee Dance Company: Dance (2016), Dance Moms Funniest Fights (2019) and Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition (2012). She has been married to David Newman since 2016.

Is Kalani an Asuelu?

Asuelu and Kalani’s relationship has always been troubled, but recently their marital problems seem to have intensified. Even Kalani’s sister Kolini has dropped hints that the couple has split, and there could be some bad blood between Kalani’s family and her possibly soon-to-be ex husband.

Does Asuelu give his mom money?

But Asuelu notes that he’s already given a significant amount of money to his mom because he used to give her his whole paycheck before coming to America to be with Kalani — around $600 to $700 a month, which over the years, equated to at least $15,000.

Who is Kalani from Dance Moms Dad?

Kalani Hilliker
Years active2011–present
Parent(s)Kira Girard Hilliker (mother) Matthew Hilliker (father)
RelativesJax Girard (half-brother) Jett Newman (half-brother) Kaliah Newman (half-sister)

Is Vivi Anne Stein adopted?

Vivi-Anne Stein is the adopted daughter of Cathy Nesbitt Stein and Mike Stein. Vivi-Anne was born on September 11, 2004. Vivi-Anne did not become an American citizen until she was in elementary school. Cathy and Mike wanted Vivi-Anne to wait until she was old enough to understand the process.

Which Dance Moms are divorced?

Melissa’s ex-husband (and father of Maddie and Mackenzie) is Kurt Ziegler. The two got divorced in 2011 with Melissa saying Maddie’s dance career put a strain on her marriage.

What does Kalani from Dance Moms dad do for a living?

Kira’s ex-husband, Matthew Hilliker, is Kalani’s father, but he doesn’t appear to have much involvement in her life. David works as a real estate agent and, out of all the Dance Moms dads, has the most active Instagram.

Do Kalani and Jax have the same dad?

All of Kira’s children have different fathers: Matthew Hilliker is Kalani’s dad, Jason Girard is Jax’s dad and David Newman is the father of Jett and Kaliah. Kira’s maiden name is Kira Salazar.

When did Kira from Dance Moms Get pregnant?

Kira became pregnant with Kalani in 1999 when she was 18. After turning 19 Kira gave birth to Kalani on September 23, 2000. Seven years later her middle child Jax was born on October 11, 2007. After a difficult pregnancy Kira welcomed her youngest son Jett on October 20, 2015.


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