Who is the most dancer in BTS?

1. j-hope. J-hope had already made a name for himself as a dancer before joining BTS.

Who are BTS main dancers?

Jimin and J-Hope are in charge of the primary dance positions. The dance line, but on the other hand, is made up of three members, featuring Jungkook as the lead dancer. However, when it comes to major dancers, Jimin and J-Hope have greater expertise in the business, which makes them both main dancers.

Is V lead dancer?

Taehyung/V is now a LEAD DANCER. Taehyung is now a part of the dance line. He became part of it recently in the promotion of their new album Love Yourself: Tear. Their new updated profiles this year, said that Taehyung/V is now a LEAD DANCER so apparently, yes, he is a part of the dance line.

Who is the main guy in BTS?

BornKim Nam-joon September 12, 1994 Dongjak District, Seoul, South Korea
EducationApgujeong High School Global Cyber University
OccupationRapper songwriter record producer
Years active2010–present

Who is the center of BTS?

BTS members age: – Jungkook, the group’s center, is actually the youngest member of all seven.

Who is the third best dancer in BTS?

RM then said that third place in his ranking was JiMin.

Who is the best male dancer in BTS?

Kim Shin-young was referring to the Dabeme dance poll that ended recently, where Jimin was crowned as the ‘Best Male Dancer’ for the fourth consecutive year after garnering 330,167 votes. His consistency in maintaining the title each year shows that fans worldwide also see him as the best male dancer in K-pop.


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