Who is the owner of Millennium dance Complex?

Owner/founder AnnMarie Hudson is dedicated to maintaining an uplifting, supportive and motivating environment in which to experience the joyous and transformational magic that is dance.

Who is Alexander Chung?

Alexander Chung: Dancer and Social Media Persona – He is a self-professed “13-year-old on the inside” and is a dominant social media persona with a large, loyal following. On Instagram alone, he has 210K followers.

Who is Delaney Glazer?

Delaney Glazer is an actress and director, known for Lele Pons Feat.

Who is CJ Salvador?

C.J. Salvador is an actor, known for Chicago Med (2015), Michael Jackson: Black or White (2016) and Justin Bieber Feat. Travis Scott: Second Emotion (2020).

Who has Alexander Chung choreographed for?

He has choreographed and danced for esteemed performers such as Sean Kingston, Becky G, Jesse McCartney, B2K and John Dough; corporate brands Danceon, Bose and Honda; and touring productions America’s Best Dance Crew, Hip-Hop Saved My Life, and Unity in Diversity.

Who is the owner of 1MILLION dance studio?

Founded in 2014 by Timon Youn and Lia Kim, 1MILLION has since become one of the most popular studios in Korea and recognized around the world. With the rebranding and reworking of their studio, Youn and Kim join the growing trend of dance studios rethinking their space.

Where does Lia Kim live?

Lia Kim is a dancer, choreographer, and trainer hailing from South Korea. She serves as the chief choreographer of 1Million Dance Studio in Gangnam, Seoul, a Youtube sensation with more than two million subscribers and three hundred million views.


Step Out To The World | Choreography With Hilty & Bosch

Wow – Post Malone | Choreography with Calvit Hodges | Millennium Dance Complex

Shivers – Ed Sheeran / Choreography Coby Mosby

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