Who’s the best dancer in BTS?

First and foremost, we have J-Hope, who is literally deemed as the dance leader of the group.

Who is main dancer of BTS?

Jimin. The stage name of this Main Dancer In BTS is Jimin while his birth name is Park Ji Min. He is the Main Dancer and Lead Vocalist of BTS. This Main Dancer In BTS was born in Busan, South Korea.

Who is the lazy dancer in BTS?

Taehyung works his butt off with choreography, the singing, even having good hygiene. That “lazy” thing is just Taehyung being tired.

Who is the cutest in BTS?

Speaking of Jungkook, he is unarguably the cutest member of the K-pop band. He is also the youngest member of the band and all the members adore him.

Who is better dancer Jimin or J-Hope?

In a poll from Pinkvilla in May 2020, fans voted on the best dancer in the group. J-Hope came in first place, with Jimin tracing close behind.

Who is most popular in BTS?

The 24-year-old singer, songwriter and dancer was highlighted as the top K-Pop Idol in various categories. According to AllKpop, Jungkook was mentioned as the Most Popular and highest-ranking K-Pop Idol in India.

Who is best singer in BTS?

Jungkook (Main vocalist) definitely had the best voice, He doesn’t struggle to hit high notes and is the most stable during live performances. When it comes to V, some people categorize him as a baritone, having a deeper voice than Jimin, Jungkook, and Jin. The BTS members believed to have the lowest voice is V.

Who is the smartest member of BTS?

1. BTS’s RM. The leader of BTS is well known for his intelligence—his IQ is a whopping 148. FYI, an average person’s IQ is about 100.

Who is the face of BTS?

No single member of BTS is its “face,” but the spotlight often belongs to 25-year-old singer and dancer Park Jimin.

Who is the angel of BTS?

BTS’ Jimin is known to be the ‘angel’ of the group due to his soft looks, fluid dancing skills and sweet personality. This sweet ARMY from India has beautifully described the various aspects of Jimin and how his presence has changed her life for the better.

Who is the second best dancer of BTS?

RM first started off by saying the second best dancer in the group was The golden maknae of the group, JungKook! Just look at him laugh and smile at RM’s choice. He looks quite pleased.

Who is not good dancer in BTS?

Jin addressed the issue of dance practice and said, “I’m not as good as learning the moves, compared to others.” The rest of the group were upset on hearing this and instantly defended him, especially V.

Who is BTS best friend?

BTS broke ARMY’s hearts when they revealed that their best friends were singers Ed Sheeran and Halsey. The septet appeared on WIRED for the segment ‘BTS Answer the Web’s Most Searched Questions’. While most of the replies left their fans in splits, one of the answers had ARMY trending Halsey and Ed Sheeran on Twitter.

What is the hardest BTS choreography?

  • Bangtan Boys aka BTS work very hard.
  • BTS’s DOPE is choreographed by husband-wife duo Keone Madrid and Mari Madrid.
  • BTS’ ON remains one of the most difficult choreographies.

Is Taehyung best dancer in BTS?

His skill is even recognized by BTS too, as members call him the best in remembering their dance choreography and fans have witnessed it with their own eyes.

Can BTS break dance?

Sharp and hard-hitting dance moves were the feature of the dance break, and BTS executed it to perfection. ON remains one of the hardest choreographies the group has ever attempted. BTS clearly love their dance breaks as they incorporate it in almost all their performances, especially for award shows and concerts.

Who learn choreography fast in BTS?

Learning the dance in a jiffy, the BTS rapper even left his own instructor in awe of his skills. As his dance teacher saw him perfectly imitate the moves with ease after just one single glance, he chimed in with his own two bits about how Suga was such a fast learner.

Who’s the best dancer in K-pop?

1) BTS’ J-Hope – The K-pop idol has won a myriad of trophies for his skills in local dance battles in his hometown of Gwangju. He also won a national dance competition in 2008. J-Hope is the unanimously appointed dance leader of BTS, always looking out for the other members to make sure their performances are tip-top.

Who is better dancer Lisa or Jhope?

In the instances of J-hope and Lisa, both are rappers so it’s a bit easier for them to max out their dancing limits on stage, since they don’t worry too much about singing live. Definitely BTS J-Hope. Lisa takes every moves stiffly whereas jhope takes it freely and that’s why his moves look better.

Who is best dancer Jimin or Kai?

Out of 1,265,836 votes, Jimin took 600,801 votes, putting him in 2nd place, while Kai received 606,538 votes, putting him in first. The difference was only 0.4%, so it’s safe to say that both these talented dancers deserve all the love for what they do best!

Who is best dance in world?

  • Madonna.
  • Shakira.
  • Chris Brown.
  • Joaquin Cortes.
  • Martha graham.
  • Usher.
  • Prabhu Deva.
  • Rudolf Nureyev. Rudolf Khametovich Nureyev was a soviet born ballet dancer, ballet director, and choreographer.

Who is the No 1 rapper in South Korea?

1) JinJin of ASTRO – JinJin hit the top of the list, with a whopping 1587839 upvotes and 230203 downvotes! He is the main rapper and leader of ASTRO.

Who is the Fakest K-pop group?

BTS is the fakest idols in kpop,said #1 closeted fan. BTS is the most transparent people on screen.

Who is best dancer in South Korea?

  1. EXO’s Kai and TWICE’s Momo.
  2. SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi.
  3. SHINee’s Taemin and BTS Jimin.
  4. SUPER JUNIOR’s Eunhyuk and BTS’ J-Hope.
  5. AB6IX’ Park Woojin.

Who is the fastest rapper in K-pop?

Changbin, of JYP Entertainment’s boy group Stray Kids, ranks at #1 with 11.13 syllables per second. Seo Changbin is a 22-year-old rapper and vocalist for Stray Kids.

Who is K-pop King?

Kim Taehyung won as the Kpop Idol of the Year award (King of K-Pop) at the Global Nubia Awards 2021 (GNAs 2022). He’s truly such a Worldwide king indeed. He’s a legend.

Who is the best dancer in Asia?

  • See the top 10 you voted for in order at the bottom of this post.
  • Jay Park.
  • SHINee – Taemin.
  • Infinite – Hoya.
  • BTS – Jimin and J-Hope.
  • Miss A – Jia.
  • F(x) – Victoria.
  • Girls Gen – Hyoyeon.

Who is beautiful girl in K-pop?

In particular, BLACKPINK member Lisa has ranked No. 1 on this list, officially gaining her the title of ‘Most Beautiful Face of 2021’.

Who is best dancer in K-pop male?

So, here is my Top 3 Best Male Dancers in Kpop: 1. Taemin(Shinee/SuperM), Kai(Exo/SuperM), Jhope(BTS) [there’s no way I can choose only one between them] 2. Ten(NCT/SuperM) 3. Taeyong(NCT/SuperM) Some other Kpop dancers that really amazes me are Jimin, Hyunjin, Hoshi, Wooyoung and Yeonjun…

Is Taehyung in the dance line?

BTS V Officially Part of the DANCE Line – YouTube


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