Why did Brooke and Paige stop dancing?

As fans of Dance Moms will remember, Brooke and her younger sister Paige Hyland cut ties with the competitive dance studio and reality TV series after their mom Kelly Hyland got into a physical altercation with Abby Lee.

What happened to Brooke and Paige on Dance Moms?

Brooke graduated from high school in 2016. She is now a college junior at the University of Ohio majoring in business. Paige Hyland: Since leaving the show with her sister and mom in 2014, Paige has modeled for Sherri Hill several times over the past few years.

Did Paige Hyland quit dance?

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Do Paige and Brooke come back in season 3?

Brooke and Paige do not return after Kelly’s blowup. Payton is brought in to replace Brooke who was supposed to have a featured role in this week’s group routine, and Leslie is determined to make her position on the team more permanent.

What happened to Kelly Hyland?

She now lives in Naples, Florida. In 2020, Kelly along with fellow former dance Moms Melissa Ziegler, Jill Vertes, and Holly Hatcher-Frazier began hosting a podcast titled Because Mom Said So.

Does Brooke quit Dance Moms?

Why did Brooke Hyland leave Dance Moms? The entire Hyland family — including Brooke, her sister Paige, and her mother Kelly — left the show in season 4. Their exit wasn’t entirely unexpected as Kelly had been having dramatic clashes with dance coach Abby Lee Miller for years.

Did Paige and Brooke keep dancing?

Leaving the show freed up some of their time, so Brooke and Paige are taking advantage of the opportunity to try out new activities — but dance is still part of their lives. In a November 2015 interview with OK!, Paige confirmed that both girls are still dancing, but they haven’t “committed” to one specific studio.

Why did Brooke quit dance?

However as she got older, she started to lose interest in dance and Abby started to grow cold towards her. Brooke and her family finally departed from the show after a physical altercation between Kelly and Abby in Big Trouble in the Big Apple.

What is Chloe from Dance Moms doing now?

Today, she continues to explore dancing, acting and modeling opportunities, appearing in Sia’s directorial debut Music and the 2021 West Side Story remake. Before starting college at Pepperdine University in the fall of 2019, the actress wrote a book titled Girl on Pointe: Chloe’s Guide to Taking on the World.

Did Brooke Hyland become a singer?

In an interview with Fox 5 Las Vegas, Brooke explained that she hadn’t had any real vocal training, but she sings because, for one, “my sister likes hearing me.” Mom Kelly Hyland added that “her sister is her biggest fan.” During her singing career, Brooke released several songs and music videos, the most notable being

When did Brooke and Paige stop dancing?

Brooke Hyland – Once the eldest member of the ALDC elite team, Brooke and her sister, Paige, were dismissed from the show after season 4 in 2014.


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