Why do African dancers dance?

In African societies, dance serves a complex diversity of social purposes. Within an indigenous dance tradition, each performance usually has a principal as well as a number of subsidiary purposes, which may express or reflect the communal values and social relationships of the people.

Why do Africans always dance?

In many traditional cultures music and dance is as much a part of everyday life as eating and breathing. In Africa, as with other parts of the world, ceremonial dance tells a story. More than mere entertainment, it recounts history, conveys emotion, celebrates rites of passage, and helps to unify communities.

Why cultural dance is important?

Cultural Dance is really important, this is our way to tell other people on what are the things that they need to know about our culture. It is also the way that other people could have respect, knowledge and give importance to our traditions and norms. Let other cultures tell what are the stories behind their dance.

What did Africans believe about dance?

In Africa, dance is a means of marking life experiences, encouraging abundant crops, honoring kings and queens, celebrating weddings, marking rites of passage, and other ceremonial occasions. Dance is also done purely for enjoyment.

What influenced African dance?

The themes of dances can be traditional concerns, like fertility, rain, or good harvests. One example is the Kakilambe fertility dance from West Africa. They can also be inspired by contemporary issues such as racism or political demands.

How did African dance start?

Evolution of African Dance Through Slavery – Africans brought dance with them to these new lands, and in places such as Europe and South America, where slaves were given more freedom to practice their traditions, their dances merged with the preexisting dance styles to form new dances.


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