Why do people learn to pole dance?

Pole Dancing is a fantastic way of exercising! It strengthens and tones your entire body, develops your cardiovascular stamina, increases your flexibility and is loads of fun. Reach your fitness goals by learning an incredible new life enhancing skill.

Should I learn pole dancing?

It can be dangerous without proper training. – Although pole dancing is fun, it is a serious athletic endeavor that should not be taken lightly. Some people do not realize how challenging pole can be on a first attempt (re: every muscle in my body ached for days).

Can I teach myself pole dancing?

You can fully train pole dance at home on your own, or you can practice in addition to your training in the dance studio. In addition, it is very convenient, because you yourself choose when and how much to train, and also do not waste time on the road.

How often should you practice pole dancing?

At first, for a time it may be a good idea to do only one class a week if you are not very used to physical activity but soon it should become two, which is the ideal frequency for a beginner-medium level to acquire technique and strength quickly but without too much effort if you are not athletic.

Is pole dance a sport?

An internationally recognized sport – Today, pole dancing is an internationally recognized, competitive sport that stands for strength, endurance, fitness and creativity. The sport has two disciplines: the static pole and the spinning pole.

How do you pull yourself up on a pole?

Basic Pull-ups – Start on your tip toes with your belly on the pole, and your arms above your head, slightly bent. Try to pull yourself up, preferably until your hands are in front of your face. Lower slowly and repeat. Make sure that you are not jumping and really are using your arms.

Do you have to be thin to pole dance?

You don’t need to be a certain weight, height, or anything. All you really need is the willingness to try something different in order to push your body towards new levels of fitness. Once you start pole dancing you will amazed at all the things your body can do at any size.


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