Why does Joker dance after killing?

Bathroom dance – Shortly after killing the three Wayne tech. businessmen, Arthur Fleck recomposes himself and starts dancing in the bathroom. He does this to cleanse his guilt and cope with the reality of what he’s done.

Why does the Joker keep dancing?

According to Phillips, the dancing was “something that kind of evolved” to show how the music within Arthur was “fighting to get out.” When it does, each dance marks an important point along Arthur’s narrative journey.

What is Joker doing in the bathroom?

Fleck, who enters the bathroom after having murdered three businessmen who were taunting him on the subway, begins to dance to the music. Many viewers are seeing the dance as a sort of cleansing ritual that signifies Fleck’s transition moment into the Joker.

What is the Joker dance called?

When Joker is all dressed up in his clown make-up, he is seen dancing on some rain-covered steps, doing a kind of tap dance shuffle as he kicks the rain away. Fans, at this point, do not know where this moment arrives in the film, or how such a moment even came about.

What song is Joker dancing to on the stairs?

The editor of superhero origin story Joker has explained why 1982 Gary Glitter track ‘Rock and Roll Part 2‘ was used during the film.

Why does Joker dance in the bathroom Reddit?

In Joker (2019), Joaquin Phoenix improvised the iconic dance in the bathroom. Originally, Arthur was just meant to stare into the mirror and quietly contemplate his actions, but after hearing some of the composer’s music, Phoenix thought the dance was more appropriate.

Was the dance in Joker scripted?

Sher told /Film the dance was improvised on the spot. The moment Arthur accidentally fires a gun in his mother’s apartment was also improvised. Phoenix and the director Todd Phillips on the set of “Joker.” Niko Tavernise/Warner Bros.

What was the bathtub scene in Joker?

Apparently Joaquin Phoenix performed an impromptu scene where his Arthur Fleck was in a bathtub, doing… something, and whatever it was, it was deemed too insane to include in an R-rated film. Naturally when you start talking about him being in the bathtub, you might think about a certain type or amount of nudity.

Why does Joker lick his lips?

Entertainment Weekly reported that ‘in an effort to avoid revisiting the makeup chair multiple times a day, Ledger would lick his lips to prevent them from cracking‘. It added: “This soon became a character trait.”

Are there any Easter eggs in Joker?

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